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Dragon medical products

Front-End Products

Dragon Medical
Practice Edition 2
Dictaphone Powermic II

Dragon Medical
Practice Edition 2
Voice Recognition Software

Dragon Medical
Practice Edition 2
Savi Go Bluetooth Headset

Dragon Medical
Practice Edition 2
Philips SpeechMike Air

Dragon Medical
Practice Edition 2
Olympus DR-1200

Dragon Medical
Practice Edition 2
Philips SpeechMike LFH3500

Dragon Dictate Medical
for Mac

Back-End Products

Dragon Medical
Practice Edition 2
Olympus DS-7000 Digital Recorder

Dragon Medical
Practice Edition 2
Philips DPM8000 Digital Recorder

UpgradesFor Current Owners of Dragon Medical v.10 or Dragon Medical Practice Edition 1

Dragon Medical
Practice Edition 2
Software Upgrade

Key Features
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

  • Over 98% accurate out of the box, and 20% more than previous versions
  • Ability to use Dragon with a digital voice recorder, for back end transcription
  • Integrates with virtually all windows EMR/EHR software
  • Support for PowerMic II microphone
  • Custom vocabulary for over 90 specialties and subspecialties
  • Use your iPhone or Android as a wireless microphone over your LAN network

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  • Remote Desktop Connection allows for dictation from a remote PC without Dragon installed locally
  • Best Match V® technology optimizes Dragon to work with your PC’s hardware
  • Template library preloaded with time saving macros and templates that are fully customizable
  • Regional accent models means increased accuracy regardless of unique accents
  • Compatible with Windows 8, and as far back as windows XP


With 20+ years of experience Total Voice Technologies is one of the leading suppliers of dictation equipment and transcription equipment and speech recognition software in the United States. We provide innovative technology to make your work and life easier, and more productive. We offer fast and reliable shipping along with free training and technical support.

Our team of experts are available from 8:00am - 10:00pm EST, give us call at 1-888-831-0088.

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what our dragon medical customers have to say

  • I NEVER chart at home anymore. I ALWAYS finish my charting before I leave. I used to routinely chart at home. I write better notes especially on more complex patients (where better notes provide more value - a bad boilerplate note on a patient with a URI is not a big deal; a bad note on a complicated patient can lead to big problems). I am more willing to see add-ons because I don’t have to worry about how much that is going to extend my evening of charting at home. I cannot overemphasize how much this has improved my daily life.
    Dr. Peter Greco - MetroHealh Medical Center, Cleveland, OH
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition has been the best thing for me. Has saved me a bunch of time and with Total Voice Technologies on board the whole way the transition has been seamless. They are great and the best around!
    Dr. James Duncan
  • I rely on the EHR for point-and-click data capture, but for subjective information, as well as my conclusions and impressions, I use Dragon Medical. It allows me to capture the unique, patient narrative and add detail that simply cannot be documented with templates. Since speech-enabling our EHR, I have also been able to spend less time editing medical records and more time focusing on patient care.
    Dr. Andrew Fireman - AMS Cardiology
  • I suffered frequently from trigger fingers and have had surgery. The Dragon Medical Practice Edition has given me ease and ability to continue working as a therapist who needs to record daily notes. I am so grateful!
    Judith Yocius
  • Without question, you need Dragon with your EMR. The program works nearly flawlessly with complex medical terms at a fast rate of speech. Makes the EMR much much more useable, and the final output more readable and more human. I would very highly recommend this seller. Chris is easily reachable, quickly and fully responsive, and cares about his customers. The pricing and packages are great as well - unlimited service without yearly fees, etc. Would certainly recommend the product AND the seller!
    Hand Surgeon
  • The absolute best service and support for anything I have ever purchased. For weeks after I acquired Dragon Medical Total Voice Technologies and Chris gave the time and effort to keep me going. I am so thankful I bought mine there. Do not make a mistake by purchasing this product some place else. I am happy to spread the word, save your time and money by buying the product here.
    Marcus Schaefer, MD
  • I have had several different dragon vendors over the years, nobody has service anything like yours, and I would love to spread the word. I certainly can’t imagine purchasing from any of the other companies ever again!
    Kari Bichell, MD
  • I recommended Total Voice Technologies to others. I like the fact that I get a human being answering the phone when I call, within 3 rings, and not a string of menu options. Chris really helped us in a pinch. I also like how responsive they were to the needs of one doctor's idiosyncrasies. Finally, I like when Total Voice Technologies remotely joins my computer so they can see what's happening.
    Teri L.

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