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Cloud-based clinical speech recognition for documenting care in the EHR and beyond.

Using a secure desktop app, clinicians can use their voice to securely capture the patient story more naturally, efficiently and on their terms by using Dragon medical software. Nuance Dragon Medical One medical speech recognition software provides a consistent and personalized clinical documentation experience that spans solutions, platforms, devices, and physical locations. And for the first time ever, a single Nuance Healthcare ID extends this personalized voice experience to a wide range of popular clinical productivity tools, including a growing roster of secure communication, care coordination, clinical reference, and medical education apps.

For the organization at large, the power of this cloud platform means access to data. This Nuance transcription platform provides insights that help monitor adoption trends, ensure user efficiency, help inform decisions, and reap the benefits of compatibility with Nuance and partner workflow enhancements. Learn more about the benefits and uses of Dragon medical transcription software.

Total Voice can help you during these challenging times. Here’s how:

These are challenging times that are affecting all of us in profound ways as we each learn how to live and work within a new reality. We are aware of the significant challenges for many of our customers, especially those in healthcare who are quite literally on the front lines of the worldwide effort to care for people in need. We extend our deepest gratitude to them and our well-wishes to all impacted by the virus.

We understand that our customers operate in the most critical industries and exceptional, uninterrupted service is vital. We have robust continuity and disaster recovery capabilities in place to avoid service disruption. These measures include redundant operation centers with support personnel located across multiple regions and countries, highly redundant remote connectivity for a decentralized workforce, and an ongoing review process of suppliers’ and vendors’ business continuity plans.

The World is Your Workstation

Dragon Medical One

Total Voice Technologies is offering FREE Dragon Medical One 30-day licenses to allow physicians and nurses to use their voice to capture the patient story efficiently and securely – anywhere, anytime.

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Think Outside the Box and Work in the Cloud

Dragon Medical One can quickly and painlessly bring your practice into the present and allow you to convert to an EHR with ease.

Always available: The Dragon Medical app is designed for speed, accuracy, and flexibility with personalized vocabularies and templates that can be accessed and shared across the widest range of devices in the industry.

Budget-friendly: Affordable subscription-based pricing with little up-front capital investment.

Easy to install and maintain: No complex configurations, installation options that work with the infrastructure you already have, and automatic updates mean less work for your IT staff and less hassle for your clinicians.

No speech profile training: Dragon Medical One requires no voice profile training and includes accent detection and automatic microphone calibration. Dragon Medical One creates profiles that continue to adapt and improve over time to ensure an optimal clinician experience from the start.

Limitless productivity: Give your users the ability to speak freely and as much as they like. With Dragon Medical One, there are no per-user limits so clinicians can stay productive anywhere and focus on the unique patient story rather than usage limits.

Healthcare compliant: Your speech-related data is communicated over 256-bit encryption channels using TLS protocols to ensure end-to-end security

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The Best Cloud-Based Speech Recognition in the World

Dragon Medical One is all about portability, personalization, access, insights, and compatibility.

Portability to work at any workstation with the Dragon Medical One Desktop Application. Compatible with all leading EHRs, and designed with virtualization in mind, the Dragon Medical One desktop app provides secure, accurate, and portable cloud-based clinical speech recognition across a wide range of Windows® devices.

Personalization through a single Nuance Healthcare ID. Nuance Healthcare ID puts the power in the clinician’s hand with the ability to personalize their experience and gain access to new features, products, and services as they emerge.

Access your voice profile beyond the EHR. Through their unique Nuance Healthcare ID, clinicians can reap the benefits of speech-enabled workflows in a growing catalog of mobile productivity apps—including secure communication, care coordination, clinical reference, and medical education tools.

Insights abound with Dragon Medical Analytics. Dragon Medical Analytics gives system administrators access to individual and site-wide usage metrics and trends so they can optimize clinician efficiency, productivity, and workflows. With Dragon Medical Analytics, organizations can maximize their Nuance investments and make more informed decisions.

Compatibility with Nuance and partner workflow enhancements. Get even more from your Dragon Medical One investment with workflow enhancements through the cloud, including Dragon Medical Advisor, Dragon Medical PowerPack, Dragon Medical Connect, PowerMic Mobile, and more than 100 web-based and mobile EHR apps voice-powered by Dragon Medical.

Put it all together, and it’s more than just a cloud platform – it’s a way to redefine the clinician’s relationship with technology.

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What People Are Saying

If people aren’t talking to Dragon, they’re talking about it.

“We’re excited about Dragon Medical One and being able to tie that into our Imprivata Cortext application for secure texting. We’re really hoping to be able to give back a little bit of time to our providers who are super busy with everything that they have to do, so that they can care for their patients.”

John Lucabaugh
Vice President
Health Information Management, Summit Health

“Our goal was to transition at least 30% of patient stories to Nuance’s cloud-based technology in conjunction with Cerner’s EHR. Within just a few weeks, we were pleasantly surprised to see voluntary adoption rates of 60% to 90% across our hospitals.”

Ehab Hanna, MD, FHM
Chief Medical Information Officer
Universal Health Services (UHS), Inc.

“Nuance speech-to-text technology untether physicians from the desktop and allows doctors to speak their clinical note and post it to the EHR from a mobile app, using their time much more efficiently.”

Jeremy Bernstein
Chief Technology Officer
UC San Diego Health System