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Mobile Dictation Apps

Transform your iPhone or Android device into a fully-featured dictation system with our mobile dictation apps from brands such as Olympus and Philips. There’s no need to purchase an expensive dictation device and find ways to connect it to a computer in order to transfer the files. Make use of your current smartphone by purchasing a mobile dictation app that allows you to make high-quality voice recordings, then immediately transfer them to your existing workflow system.

Dictation apps are great for people that need to record their voice for work or hobby purposes. For example, medical dictation apps are great for doctors that need to examine a patient because it allows them to explain what they see instead of needing to write it down. It can also be used to record your thoughts and ideas without having to take out a notebook or enter it with a small smartphone keyboard.

Dictation Apps Taking Over

Dictation devices are small, compact, and they’re easy to use with just a few buttons. However, there are times where you might want to carry fewer things with you. For example, maybe you just want to have your smartphone with you when you’re trying to get work done out in the field, or perhaps you want to save a bit of money by avoiding an extra expensive purchase. For some people, the convenience of having a high-quality dictation app on their smartphone is much better than trying to carry another device around.

In addition, managing a separate device can be time-consuming and often frustrating. It’s extra cables to carry around, you need to remember to charge the battery, and it can sometimes be frustrating to transfer the files into your workflow. With a dictation app, you get a convenient way to record audio and it’s simple to transfer the files into your workflow system.

Whether you’ve got an iPhone or Android device, our dictation apps work on all smartphones. This means you can add another useful feature to your smartphone and save you having to carry around multiple devices and charging cables.

The Best Dictation Apps

Many dictation devices have poor-quality microphones unless you go for a more expensive option. For the fraction of the cost, you can invest in a dictation app that makes use of your smartphone’s high-quality audio microphone, allowing you to make crystal-clear recordings. Our dictation apps also feature advanced built-in recording tools such as support for custom microphone sensitivity and voice activation.

You’ll get all the features of a regular dictation device in just a single app on your smartphone. In addition, our apps can fully encrypt files and you can even edit metadata to make it easier to categorize your audio files when they enter your workflow.