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Olympus AS-9000 Transcription Software Kit


The AS-9000 Transcription Kit is the perfect companion with Olympus DS Series devices, the professional dictation systems that provide a complete, end-to-end business solution.

Olympus E-62 Stereo Headset


The Olympus E-62 Stereo Transcription Headset is light weight, comfortable and is one of the finest style of transcribing headsets available.

Philips LFH0334 Deluxe Headset


The Philips LFH0334 Transcription Headset is a lightweight under-the-chin style stereo headset designed to deliver superb sound quality.

Philips LFH7277 SpeechExec Pro Transcription Kit With 2 Year Subscription SpeechExec Pro Software


Philips LFH7277 SpeechExec Pro Digital Transcription Kit is a powerful and user-friendly digital transcription system for professionals that turns your computer into a highly sophisticated transcription machine.

Spectra SP-PC Twin Speaker Headset


Spectra SP-PC high quality twin speaker headset for transcription on PC features 10 ft. cord and 3.5mm PC connection.

Spectra SP-RA Twin Speaker Headset


Spectra SP-RA high quality twin speaker headset for transcription features 5 ft. cord and 3.5mm stereo plug end.

Spectra SP-USB Twin Speaker Headset


The Spectra Twin Speaker SP-USB headset provides hours of total comfort. This Spectra SP-PC headset features a USB plug that connects directly to your computers existing USB port.

Spectra SP-VC5 Deluxe Twin Speaker Headset


The Spectra SP-VC5 Deluxe twin speaker headset comes with a stereo/mono switch and in-line volume control on a 5 ft. cord.

Transcription Headsets

In addition to using the latest Transcription Software, transcription headsets are surprisingly just as important when it comes to professional transcription. The whole purpose of a transcriptionist is to convert an audio file into text, so the quality of the headset can have a huge impact on the accuracy and even the speed of the transcriptionist. To some extent you can generally use any pair of headphones that you can find. However, finding the right pair of headphones for transcription can be time-consuming and often expensive. This is because there are particular features that professional transcriptionists look for when it comes to picking a headset for their needs. Unfortunately, there are a lot of headsets out there that will tick a few boxes but ultimately fall short of expectations.