Protecting Your Dragon Medical User Profile

When using Dragon Medical Practice Edition, each user has a profile that is unique to that individual. User profiles contain user-specific voice data, custom commands, and trained words that have been added to Dragon’s vocabulary. The more a profile is used, the more accurate and developed it becomes. A well-trained Dragon profile will be much more accurate and responsive than a newly created profile. For these reasons, Total Voice Technologies recommends periodically backing up your user profile.

When Dragon loads your user profile, files are constantly being read/written to. If this process is interrupted, there is a chance your profile may become damaged. When a profile becomes too damaged, it will become unreadable by Dragon. If this were to happen, the user will have to create a new profile and begin the entire process over. All custom commands, templates, vocabulary and voice training will be lost. This can easily be avoided by simply closing Dragon properly before shutting down or restarting your PC. When closing Dragon, all files are saved and written to, and Dragon safely closes your user profile. It is imperative to properly exit Dragon before shutting down your PC to prevent profile damage. This can be done by simply selecting “Profile” from the Dragon bar and clicking “Exit”.

In order to protect your profile during unexpected restarts or computer crashes, we recommend periodically manually exporting your profile. Although there is a Backup/Restore option in Dragon, this saves your profile to the same physical drive, and will not secure your profile should your hard drive fail. This is the only true fail-safe against catastrophic system failures. The recommend location for a profile back up is separate physical drive on your computer or external flash drive/hard drive. Follow the steps below to export up your user profile:

  1. Open Dragon Medical
  2. Make sure no user profile is loaded. Click Profile > Close User Profile
  3. Click Profile > Manage User Profiles
  4. Select the user profile you wish to backup
  5. Click Advanced > Export
  6. Select a location to export your profile
  7. Click OK

You have now successfully exported your Dragon profile. Should your profile ever become corrupt or you need to reinstall Dragon, you can quickly and easily be back up and running in a matter of minutes by following these steps:

  1. Open Dragon Medical
  2. Make sure no user profile is loaded. Click Profile > Close User Profile
  3. Click Profile > Manage User Profiles
  4. Click Advanced > Import
  5. Navigate to the location where your profile is saved
  6. Select the Profile
  7. Click OK (note: if you are importing a profile to fix an existing profile that has become damaged, Dragon may ask you if you would like overwrite that profile. If prompted, choose Yes.