The Olympus App Helping The End-User

The Olympus App Helping The End-User

If you manage a healthcare facility, then now is a good time to introduce a dictation app in your institution. Dictation apps offer a wide range of uses. They have acquired a strong reputation in the accessibility community, especially to those who suffer from lack of dexterity and can’t use their hands and fingers to type quickly, tap a touch screen, or a move a mouse. Similarly, they have become popular among productivity enthusiasts. As soon as one gets accustomed to these apps, they gain a rapid boost in their dictation activities. Additionally, it also allows users to multi-task. So, which is the best dictation app?

Olympus Dictation App

The Olympus Dictation App has simplified dictation for healthcare professionals around the world. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, you can use it to generate high-quality voice notes from any location, at any time. These recordings are then forwarded to a back-office workflow system.


The Olympus medical dictation app allows you to avail a wide range of functionalities, some of which are listed below. It facilitates users to:

  • Record, add, or overwrite dictations.
  • Adjust priority settings for recordings.
  • Perform searches for notes.
  • Add pictures to voice notes.
  • Forward notes to ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service).
  • Avail support of DSS (Digital Speed Standard) and DSS Pro audio formats. These formats are popular due to being industry standard in the dictation industry.
  • Integrate the current transcription and dictation workflow with ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System).
  • Perform splitting for files of large size.
  • Connect to the FTP server.
  • Ensure data protection via protocols like SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), FTPS (File Transfer Protocol Secure), and HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). Due to this reason, no unauthorized person can intercept dictation files at any point in the delivery lifecycle.
  • Set passwords on dictations with DSS Pro’s 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.
  • Access a web browser for Central administration with Olympus Dictation Portal. In this way, you can assign groups to users, specify recipients, configure security settings, define recording formats, set transfer methods, and use Author IDs and other meta information for automatic processing.
  • You can send files in batches via email.
  • You can use voice activation, customer microphone sensitive, and other advanced recording tools.

If you always have your smartphone with you, then the Olympus Dictation App can enable you to benefit from contemporary technology to create secure dictation files and send them forward to the medical transcriptionists. With such a remarkable set of features, Olympus Dictation App has established itself as one of the leading apps in the healthcare sector.