3 Updates We’d Like To See In The Next Edition Of Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Updates We'd Like To See In Dragon Medical Practice

Dragon Medical Practice Edition started out as a revolutionary product that made it possible for clinicians to have a greater range of access to every day computer use. With the release of Dragon Medical One we are starting to see many improvements.

Today, the software has been integrated into a range of organizations to assist clinicians in their daily work routine.

As with any amazing innovation in computer technology, the question remains as to how far a technology like Dragon will be able to be expanded for greater flexibility and use. In other words, it would be interesting to consider what future releases of Dragon will be able to provide as updates.

An Advanced Symbolic & Math Editor

Beyond the typical realm of human speech exists an entire landscape of interesting symbols. Where these symbolic notations are generally most useful is in fields such as mathematics, statistics and even cryptography.

What has perhaps been somewhat challenging is to create an easy way to verbalize and orient these symbolic expressions into a speech recognition system for easy formulation. A superb idea would be for the developers of Dragon to pioneer the frontier of resolving the verbalization of expressions in advanced mathematics.

For a computer to hear embedded expressions and equations is one thing, but to actually know how to orient the complicated symbolic representations of these mathematical statements on a computer screen digitally would be quite helpful to many who are in need of voice dictation to properly represent such mathematical expressions on a professional level.

Dragon Navigation

It would seem that if Dragon can be used to accept verbal instruction and digitally transfer that information to screen, then the next step is to give users access to direct navigation. Where this is most useful is in transportation-based applications, such as a Dragon-based instructional application for use in a person’s car.

Asking Dragon to pull up maps and even drive your car based on verbal dictation is really technology that is within the future scope of a software package like Dragon. Verbal control over automobile navigation would certainly be an update that would make Dragon a hit outside its normal user niche.

Dragon Mobile App Extension

Another great update idea for Dragon is found in the mobile app side of software development.

A mobile app extension that makes Dragon useful to control other office products in the future would make Dragon more practical as it becomes useful in general every day automation procedures. Especially if Dragon is able to turn lights on and off or start up a piece of equipment, such a barrier to accessibility would be eliminated through simple voice dictation.

Dragon updates in these areas could push the boundaries of accessibility for the disabled and non-disabled alike.

In many ways, standardizing this process through a software like Dragon would also make it cheaper and flexible for companies to use the Dragon standard to orient their own efforts to make their products more user friendly through verbal dictation.

This would in turn help to cement Dragon as a foundation product that other companies depend on across numerous industries.