Voice Recognition and Its Impact on Our Day to Day Lives

Voice Recognition and Its Impact

Voice recognition technology and its attendant devices have made our lives convenient and we don’t have to spend our time and energy typing long reports and queries.

Imagine that you want to wake up very early in the morning and are too sleepy to set the alarm clock. You can just tell Google’s assistant to set the alarm at a specific time and day and it not only does the needful but also confirms it with you. Similarly, when you are going to a new location, then you can simply ask’ Google Maps to verbally guide you as you drive so that you do not take your eyes off the road. More interestingly, if you are just bored, you can have a conversation with Apple’s Siri to keep you company. All of these advances have been made possible because of voice recognition technology.

There are many different ways that voice recognition is helping commercial organizations. Many business concerns that want to excel at customer service use this cutting-edge’ technology to enhance their customer interaction experience and reduce organizational expenses. Since speech recognition technology can take the place of living agents, it can also eliminate all problems, such as downtime, mood swings, transcription errors, laziness, etc. Through Voice Recognition technology, all calls can be handled by the system rather than a receptionist. This ensures a seamlessly uniform experience. Furthermore, the customers will be fully satisfied with the quality of the service and will continue to patronize the business.

Voice recognition is a tremendous boon for individuals who suffer from physical disabilities and are not in a position to manually type out their queries. Instead of pecking away at a keyboard, they can simply voice out their commands to carry out daily tasks. This means that voice recognition technology allows them to transcend their disabilities and helps them become productive and meaningful members of society.

This holds particularly true for the really tiny screens of most smartphone devices. Instead of painstakingly typing huge amounts of text on all your WhatsApp and Facebook groups simultaneously, it is possible to have engaging conversations while simply speaking whatever you want to convey. The speech recognition software will effortlessly convert your spoken words into written speech that you can check and send to your friends, thus eliminating the need to type out long answers.

Today, voice recognition technology is far superior to older systems since it can effectively cancel out ambient background noise and also understand the subtle nuances of different accents and dialects so that there is no difference between what you say and what appears in front of your screen.