Voice Recognition Increasing Efficiency of Medical Practitioners

Voice Recognition Increasing Efficiency of Medical Practitioners

There was a time, well before the invention of voice recognition technology, when all voice notes had to be laboriously taken down by hand and then painstakingly typed with the help of either the typewriter or a word processor. However, voice recognition technology has effectively revolutionized the medical sector and made it far more efficient than ever before.

With the increase in the global population, the need for more medical facilities and qualified physicians to staff them has also increased. Apart from that, people now lead a less active lifestyle as compared to previous generations.

In the long run, this combination of higher population and increasing illnesses has placed the health care sector under increasing pressure. This holds particularly true concerning its manpower resources.

Moreover, compliance issues have also become very stringent in the last few years. A by-product of this is a large amount of paperwork that is required at every step of the treatment process.

All of this work is usually passed on to the support staff of the medical facility. This leads to a nearly unacceptable burden of work for the personal assistants and nurses who are on near-continuous duty, day in day out.

Why Voice Recognition Technology Is So Important

This is the part where voice recognition technology comes to the rescue.  This is a revolutionary way of transcribing critically important patient-related information. It is not only safe and secure, but it also eases the workload of both doctors and attendants to a considerable degree.

In fact, before the advent of this trend-setting technology, the overworked doctor had to personally dictate his notes to his assistant or attendant. These assistants, in turn, manually typed them into the system. After that, they showed them to the doctors who read and re-read their notes and repeated the whole process to rectify any errors until they finally signed off on the end document. After that, these documents were subsequently scanned and entered in the patient database of that particular hospital or another healthcare facility.

However, voice recognition technology is considerably more convenient and saves a lot of time as well. The doctor simply talks’ to his smart device and his words are then entered into the fully digitalized system. This saves a lot of time and effort for all parties concerned.


In light of the above, we can say that voice recognition technology can increase the efficiency of medical practitioners, regardless of their area of expertise. This way, the facility will easily be able to treat more patients than ever before, while simultaneously lessening the burden of both doctors and their support staff.