Dragon Medical One

The #1 cloud-based clinical speech recognition solution in the world.

Nuance Dragon Medical One is the leading cloud-based speech recognition platform allowing physicians and other clinicians to use their voice to securely document complete patient care more naturally and efficiently.

Advanced capabilities and documentation tools provide a consistent and personalized user experience like no other. With Dragon Medical One users can document up to 45% faster and capture up to 20% more relevant patient information, whether in the office, at home, or on the road.


Give it a try and see for yourself why everyone is moving to the cloud.


    Give it a try and see for yourself why everyone is moving to the cloud.

      See Why 550,000+ Clinicians Have
      Chosen Dragon Medical One


      Less Time Spent On

      As a result, clinicians are 30% more productive, shorten their workday by up to 2 hours, and can spend more time with patients.


      More Relevant
      Content Captured

      Using just voice, users are able to capture more complete and accurate clinical documentation up to 3x faster than typing.


      Dragon Medical One

      Dragon Medical One is highly recommended by some of the world’s top physicians and leading healthcare organizations.

      Boost Productivity and Experience Greater Flexibility

      Dragon Medical One simplifies clinical documentation by giving clinicians the ability to interact with the EHR and turn voice into an accurate clinical narrative for more complete and thorough documentation.

      Achieve Higher Quality Documentation


      Dragon Medical One has quick installation options that work with the infrastructure you already have with no complex configurations, and automatic updates mean less work and less hassle.


      Manual activities such as accent adjustments and microphone calibration, are now automatic, providing greater accuracy, a lower word error rate, and an optimal experience from the start.


      Dragon Medical One is designed for speed, accuracy, and flexibility with personalized vocabularies and templates that can be accessed and shared across devices anytime, anywhere.


      Using the latest deep-learning techniques and neural-network technologies, Dragon Medical One is able to achieve a 99% accuracy rate with NO voice profile training required.


      Dragon Medical One employs secure encryption methods using a HITRUST CSF certified hosting infrastructure that supports HIPAA requirements for patient security and confidentiality.


      Dragon Medical One offers affordable subscription based pricing starting at just $79/month with a small upfront capital investment makes it easier to budget with predictable expenses.

      Affordable Subscription Based Pricing


      per month

      3-Year Subscription

      Automatic Updates
      Unlimited Devices
      Setup & Training Included


      per month

      2-Year Subscription

      Automatic Updates
      Unlimited Devices
      Setup & Training Included


      per month

      1-Year Subscription

      Automatic Updates
      Unlimited Devices
      Setup & Training Included

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      About Dragon Medical One

      Dragon Medical One Review

      I was tasked with finding a flexible clinical documentation solution that was not only user friendly but integrated seamlessly with our existing systems. Dragon Medical One was the only solution that met that criteria while giving our providers a solid foundation to increase efficiency and obtain more patient information.

      James Anderson
      Chief Information Officer

      Nuance PowerMic Mobile

      With every subscription comes the Nuance PowerMic Mobile App, allowing users to turn any Android or iOS smartphone into a convenient, wireless microphone.

      For the first time ever users are able to truly work anywhere, providing unsurpassed flexibility to extend the capture of clinical documentation.

      PowerMic Mobile App

      Increase Documentation Quality

      Dragon Medical One is all about portability, personalization, insights, and compatibility.


      Having a single Nuance Healthcare ID profile across platforms allow users to get up and running immediately across clinical workflows, care settings, devices, and apps for a seamless experience.


      Work from any workstation or pair with PowerMic Mobile App, Nuance’s secure wireless microphone app, for the absolute most freedom to dictate from virtually anywhere at anytime.


      The hands-free convenience with wake-up and always listening mode offer users better control, ease of use, and greater freedom, allowing them to simply say “Hey, Dragon” to turn on the microphone.


      Retrieve clinically relevant information with clinical content using UpToDate® by Wolters Kluwer to ask questions such as “Hey Dragon, search UpToDate for pediatric hypertension treatment options.”


      A growing suite of built-in productivity tools and access to speech-enabled workflows in supported mobile productivity apps, at NO additional cost, including the Dragon Medical Clinical Calculators.


      The self‑service user portal provides utilization data, adoption trends, and peer bench-marking tracking to ensure user efficiency and help with the design of action plans for overall improvement.