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Digital Dictation Software

Digital voice technologies are revolutionizing the professional workplace with digital dictation software. Turn your computer into a state-of-the-art dictation system using the latest software.

We have a few choices to choose from when it comes to software for dictation, we carry both Philips and Olympus.

The use of professional dictation software is a vital part of any organization. Dictation software can help revolutionize your workplace and improve your workflow with its advanced features and robust design. You can turn your computer into a fully-featured digital dictation system with just a single purchase. At Total Voice Technologies, we have a selection of different dictation software solutions that can fit any use. Regardless if you’re a hobbyist or need medical dictation software for professional use, we’re sure you’ll find something suitable in our selection.

Turn Your Voice Digital

Dictation software is used when you need to save a voice recording or if you need to automatically turn your voice into digital text. It’s perfect for a variety of different situations. For example, medical dictation software is used to help a doctor or medical professional record their findings through voice. This means they don’t need to write something down and they don’t need someone to transcribe it live. They can speak their mind and look back at the dictation later to transcribe it or take notes from their findings.

Dictation software can also be used to instantly transfer your spoken words into digital text. This greatly speeds up transcription times and can be used to create full documents if needed. Files can also be encrypted and backed up automatically, meaning you’re unlikely to lose those files. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your dictations are safe, secure, and protected.

Workflow Integration

Dictation software is made to be compatible with virtually any workflow. Simply run the software and start recording. You can then export the files into any format you need, or it can be automatically sent to a predetermined location that you specify. This could be email, an FTP server, or even over USB.

The dictation software is easily installed and you’ll have it running in no time. It seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow and the included setup guides will help you install the dictation software and configure it to your needs.

The Best Dictation Software

Dictation software is perfect for anyone that needs a fully-featured dictation solution with their computer. Since it can be installed on virtually any computer, you can use it on the go on your laptop or even with a stationary desktop computer. You can connect a variety of audio inputs to record your voice using your preferred microphone, and it can be integrated into your existing workflow which enhances productivity.

The automated transcription features are also fantastic for people that want to avoid typing or if they prefer to create documents entirely with their voice. You also get post-processing features to clear up the dictation and ensure that the recording is crystal clear regardless of what microphone you’re using. It has high accuracy, it enhances your productivity, and it comes with many useful features that will make your workflow more accessible while also helping you get work done faster and more efficiently.