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Transcription Foot Pedals

For a fast and accurate transcription, a foot pedal is one of the essential pieces of equipment that every transcriptionist should have. However, its use isn’t immediately obvious, especially if you’re not used to transcribing or aren’t sure about the process.

We offer only the most reliable and best transcription foot pedals that enables users to playback, fast forward, and rewind audio files without taking your fingers off of the keyboard. Every foot pedal for transcription is designed to be a PC transcription or dictation foot pedal that is 100% compatible with the most common digital transcription software that exists in the marketplace today. A USB foot pedal for medical transcription is the most popular and universal option and can help streamline your workflow.

Hands-Free Control

A transcription foot pedal essentially adds a few extra buttons that you can use to control your transcription software. It’s similar to adding more buttons to your keyboard or having a custom macro keyboard. However, the difference is that it’s made to be ergonomic and controlled by your feet instead of your hands.

When we use a computer, our feet typically don’t do much. A foot pedal allows us to make practical use of our feet by adding extra “buttons” that can be pressed and used for various features. They can generally be assigned to anything that you want, but most transcriptionists actually use the pedal to control the audio that they’re transcribing.

In most cases, the pedals are used to start and stop, rewind, and fast forward the audio file. This makes it much easier to scrub through the audio so that they can repeat a section they missed or pause the audio to catch up without needing to press something on their keyboard or move their hand to their mouse.

Since a transcriptionist needs to type very quickly and accurately, it’s important that their hands aren’t distracted from the typing process. This is why using our feet is a great way to control the audio. It allows you to continue typing while you use another body part to manage the audio. It’s essentially multitasking.

Foot Pedal Advantages

Transcription foot pedals allow transcriptionists to control the audio without using their mouse or keyboard shortcuts. This causes less strain because the transcriptionist isn’t constantly moving their hand to their mouse or moving off the home row keys to pause, rewind, or fast forward the audio. This directly leads to greatly improved transcription quality and efficiency.

They’re also really simple to use. They can be connected via USB–no special connectors or adapters are required. They’re easy to adapt to and you’ll see an immediate improvement in transcription quality and speed. The pedal can be customized to your liking. You can use the pedals to activate shortcuts and functions that you determine yourself.

At the end of the day, it’s an inexpensive investment that helps to improve the comfort, speed, and accuracy of your transcriptionist. There’s also a huge list of compatible transcription software, but can also be used in other programs to make it a flexible device.

Essential Foot Pedals

A transcription foot pedal is essential if you want a fast and accurate transcription. It’s a great piece of equipment to invest in whether you want to help your in-house transcriptionist or if you’re looking to improve the speed of your own transcriptions.

So whether you’re interested in the reputable Infinity foot pedal or the entry-level Olympus foot pedals, we offer a wide range of different products for your needs.