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Digital Voice Recorders

We have the best selection of only the most popular and reliable digital voice recorders. We are an authorized dealer for professional dictation recorder brands such as Olympus and Philips.

When it comes to recording sounds in your environment, nothing compares to digital voice recorders. These discreet, compact devices allow you to record meetings, interviews, conversations and music your way. Dictation recorders are perfect for voice journals, recording your latest ideas, and storytelling.

Digital audio recorders offer a range of features to make your recording experience more convenient. These players record sound digitally – unlike classical analog versions – and store sound data in MP3 format. You can then transfer your recordings to any compatible device.

Digital Recorder Features

The screens on digital voice recorders make it easy to control the operation of your device, showing you whether you’re recording, how long you’ve been recording, and the types of sounds that the device is picking up. You also get a clear interface that makes it easy to stop, play, rewind and fast-forward your recording, letting you quickly skip through to find the information you need.

Some devices offer a time-mark feature that allows you to leave written tags on your recording, indicating what is happening in any particular part of the recording. Applying time indicators with the touch of a button boosts your productivity and improves your overall recording experience, allowing you to break long playbacks into more bite-size and manageable chunks.

Professional digital voice recorders offer considerable internal memory – often multiple gigabytes of storage. Many devices also allow further expansion via the addition of Micro SD cards, bringing total memory as high as 36 GB or more.

By adjusting the level of sound recording quality, you can increase how much space you have available for your recordings. Devices allow you to record in high-quality, but also a range of lower settings too to maximize flexibility. Many devices provide more than a thousand hours of high-quality sound recording just using internal memory alone. You can get many thousands more with the addition of Micro SD cards. Thus, you can use these devices to record your daily thoughts, book readings, multiple hours of meetings, and even your favorite music you hear as you live your life.

The Best Digital Recorders

Many digital voice recorders come with advanced software and features. Noise cancellation systems, for instance, let you focus on the sounds you want to record while cutting out any annoying background or wind noise. Some devices also feature advanced directionality control, which allows you to capture sounds coming from the speaker, and blot out those arriving laterally from the rest of the environment. Studio-quality filters even automatically eliminate breath noises and wind vibrations, providing you with pure, uninterrupted speech.

Many digital voice recorders feature robust chassis designs. Durable stainless steel housing gives you confidence while using these devices, while helpful ergonomic design makes them comfortable to hold, even after many hours.

Most models also provide you with in-built dictation software that allows you to track your workflow more easily, organizing it into sections, and differentiating between different kinds of recordings. The helpful visual display gives you ample information about your current recording status, providing smooth and stress-free operation.

If you have any questions about digital voice recording equipment or need assistance finding the best professional handheld recorder for your needs, feel free to call our digital voice recorder experts. Portable voice recorders are ideal for a variety of professions, and handheld recorders are portable to be anywhere you need to be.