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Transcription Equipment

If you are doing any type of transcription work, you know how important it is to have the right digital transcription equipment and software. We have a great selection of only the best and most reliable transcription gear. From transcription headsets to foot pedals, and digital transcription software, we have what you need.

We understand that transcription work can be tough even if you’ve been trained to do it. The secret to a fast and accurate transcription is to ensure that you have the right transcription equipment to help you process voices faster and ensuring that your typing speed can keep up with what’s being said.

For quick and accurate transcriptions, it’s vital that you purchase the right tools. Whether you’re a transcriber yourself or if you’re looking to improve the productivity of an in-house transcription expert, Total Voice Technologies offers a range of transcription equipment to help you out.

Transcription Headsets

While many people use any headphones for transcription purposes, a quality pair of headphones can make a huge difference in the speed of the transcription. This is because the audio needs to be as clear as possible, and you also need to block out distractions so that you can focus on what’s being said.

Transcription headsets are tuned specifically for voice clarity. By adjusting the drivers and the build of the device, it’s possible to isolate as much of the voice as possible which makes it easy for transcriptionists to understand. Headsets also need to be comfortable and avoid fatiguing the transcriptionist which is why transcription headsets are built for comfort in mind. With other headsets, it may get uncomfortable and require the transcriptionist to stop after a while to take a break.

Transcription Foot Pedals

One of the most essential tools for a transcriptionist is a foot pedal. It’s generally used to control the audio that is being transcribed. For example, if there’s a section that you missed, then you can simply press the pedal and rewind it a few seconds. This allows you to free up your hands when scrubbing through an audio file to transcribe it.

Most people that don’t use a foot pedal will have hotkeys on their keyboard or even use their mouse to manually seek through a file. This is inefficient, it increases the strain on your hands, and it slows down the transcription process. If you want a fast and efficient transcription, a foot pedal is a worthwhile investment.

Foot pedals are compatible with a massive range of transcription software packages. Even if your current software solution isn’t supported, there’s a good chance that the community can add support for it to make it compatible.

Transcription Software

Transcription involves many different types of equipment and software. By optimizing the workflow with different devices and software solutions, you can greatly speed up the efficiency and accuracy of transcriptions.

Clear recording devices are necessary if you want to give the transcriptionist an easier time converting your words to text. A foot pedal is helpful to speed up transcriptions. And voice transcription software can be helpful to create an initial draft of the transcription. In some cases, if the voice is clear enough it’s possible to transcribe speech live instead of needing to do it after it concludes.