Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

Capture the patient story more naturally and efficiently than ever before.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is a locally-installed software that allows clinicians to quickly and accurately capture the patient story, increasing productivity, and enabling more complete documentation.

Specifically designed for physician practices, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is a world-class medical speech recognition software that achieves 99% accuracy out‑of‑the-box with NO voice training. Clinicians can create text up to 5X faster than typing, allowing time to see more patients.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4
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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 Upgrade

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 & PowerMic III

Dragon Medical and Olympus DS-9500
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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 & Olympus DS-9500

Dragon Medical and Philips DPM8000
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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 & Philips DPM8000

Dragon Medical and Philips SMP3700
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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 & Philips SpeechMike SMP3700


Highly Accurate Medical Dictation Software

Dictate anywhere in the EHR faster and more accurately than ever before.


Quick and accurate performance allows clinicians to create text faster than typing, use their voice to navigate, dictate and edit content inside EHR fields for increased productivity.


More complete and accurate documentation not only provides richer patient details to the care team, but also ensures appropriate reimbursement for the care delivered.


When clinicians create and self-edit their own documentation, data is available immediately and costs associated with transcriptionists are virtually eliminated.

Quality Clinical Documentation At The Point Of Care


The latest edition achieves 99% accuracy right out of the box without any training. Physicians and other health care providers can quickly navigate and dictate notes and treatment plans directly into the patient’s EMR.


Powered by a next generation speech engine, Dragon Medical Practice Edition is a locally-installed software designed and priced specifically for smaller medical practices that want to improve the documentation process.


Completely different from non-medical speech recognition solutions, Dragon Medical Practice Edition has over 90 medical specialty and sub-specialty vocabularies built in with acoustic models resulting in remarkable accuracy.


Along with the high performance use on modern desktops and laptops, Dragon Medical Practice Edition can also deliver documentation productivity on the go through compatibility with Windows 10 touchscreen devices.


Dictate within applications and fields, or use the exclusive dictation box to compose content, insert auto-texts, navigate template fields, dictate and edit, and even transfer text with a simple voice command.


The latest version exceeds all HIPAA requirements by keeping sensitive patient information protected and secure by utilizing the highest available levels of encryption and security technology throughout the entire workflow.

Dragon Medical Up-To-Date

The Best Speech Recognition Software Available

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