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Digital Dictation Equipment

The use of dictation equipment maximizes everyday productivity by helping professionals make the most of their time. They take the pressure off in demanding document-heavy professions. You will be able to avoid scheduling extra time for notes because dictation devices enable you to make high-quality voice recordings on the go or in the office.

We have compiled the best selection of professional dictation devices to address the requirements of experts in a variety of fields, including the medical sector. You can find time-saving dictation devices that deliver crystal clear recordings and complete bundled solutions that can be paired with professional transcription services.

As an official authorized dealer for Olympus and Philips, we provide dictation machines and digital solutions that let you manage the workflow and share information safely across your network.

It is time to say goodbye to the analog dictation and transcription equipment, and say “Hello” to the reliable and easy-to-use digital dictation equipment and professional dictation machines.

Mobile Dictation

For busy professionals who are always on the move, you need technology that is easy to take around with you. We have a selection of quality mobile dictation apps from Olympus and Philips that you can use on your smartphone. Simple, practical, and always at hands, all you need is your smartphone to create voice recordings. You can make the most of advanced recording tools to make crystal-clear audio files. All recordings are encrypted directly onto your smartphone to be stored safely or emailed for transcription.

We also have the most popular and reliable digital voice recorders that are suitable for use on the go. With long-lasting battery life, they’re the ideal companion to record notes, ideas, or work that can be edited into a document. Today’s recorders offer smart noise recognition and cancellation technology to ensure you only record what you need without worrying about external noises and disruptions in any environment. The recorders keep your audio files secure, using encryption technology and a device pin lock. You can then connect to your preferred transcription service to send your file, or simply choose to archive them for later use.

Desktop Dictation Equipment

For professionals who find themselves working at their desks and need a quality voice recorder, we have the best desktop dictation devices. They provide superb data recording with a smart microphone and noise management technology, allowing for a seamless workflow at all times. Dictation microphones also come with an ergonomic shape and optimized control panel for easy use day after day. In the medical field, a select few microphones come with a handy barcode scanner available for streamlining the documentation process.

All dictation devices are compatible and can be paired with a transcription system or speech recognition solutions, including Dragon Medical solutions and Philips SpeechExec software.

Dictation & Transcription Kits

For professionals who are looking for an all-in-one solution, we offer dictation equipment bundles from our top brands Olympus and Philips that combine digital voice recorders with transcription equipment. The ergonomic all-inclusive kits are designed to bring an end-to-end solution to users, including a recorder, headset, foot pedal and software that turns your computer into a transcription machine. We frequently recommend these kits to businesses that manage transcription services in-house.

Whether you need dictation equipment to make voice recordings, or to edit documents on your computer, we’ve got the right digital dictation device for your needs.