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Transcription Software

Turn any computer into a state-of-the-art digital transcription system using the latest transcription software. We have a few popular choices to choose from to transcribe audio to text. Both Philips and Olympus are industry leaders and provide complete workflow solutions.

Whether you’re a transcriptionist yourself or are looking to improve the speed and accuracy of an in-house transcription specialist, using the right transcription software is extremely important. At Total Voice Technologies, we offer some of the best transcription software available to help ensure that your transcriptions are fast and accurate.

A lot of new transcriptionists simply use their word processing software of choice and listen to the file as it’s given. This means they’ll load it up on a media player and just listen to it while they transcribe. This is effective in many lighter cases, but it ultimately isn’t as fast as using purpose-built transcription software. These new transcriptionists find that it’s a slow and cumbersome process unless they start using real transcription software. If you want to improve your services or assist your in-house transcriptionist, then transcription software is essential as it comes with many advantages.

Transcription Software Benefits

Transcription software features simple workflow management and automation to improve productivity. After a transcription is finished, you can set automated targets to send it via email, upload it to a server, or send an alert to a specified client or member of staff. This makes collaboration easier with worklists that help authors and transcriptionists monitor their work status. This is fantastic for communicating with clients or between team members.

You can also encrypt files for maximum security and ensure that only authorized individuals can access the files. The automated backup services ensure that your files are saved multiple times so that the data is protected from corruption and that you don’t lose it accidentally.

For transcription, the variable speed playback allows you to adjust the pitch so that it’s easier to transcribe as you listen. Transcription software even supports multiple formats for audio and video playback, making it easy to use as an all-in-one transcription package.

Using transcription software also enables the use of shortcut keys to control the software more easily. This includes quickly pausing and playing the audio or seeking through the audio without needing to click with your mouse. You can also use transcription pedals to add extra functionality. Pedals are often used as a hands-free way to control the audio, enabling users to seek through an audio or video file with ease.

Most transcription software is compatible with other solutions as part of an integrated workflow. This includes compatibility with all major word processing software and also speech recognition software to automatically convert speech to text.

Improve Productivity

If you’re serious about transcription or want to drastically improve the productivity of your in-house transcription team, then transcription software is a fantastic choice. It’ll ultimately improve your productivity while also lowering your operating costs.

We have some of the best transcription software available on the market from both Philips and Olympus. If you’re not sure which software to use or would like to purchase equipment to go with your software package, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be happy to help you make the right purchase decisions.