Dragon Medical One - Chrome Extension

Unleash the power of Dragon Medical One with the Dragon Medical One Chrome Extension. For those using Google Chrome, you can now enjoy the convenience of dictate at cursor functionality. Simply place the cursor into the field on your web-based EMR or EHR, and start talking! Every spoken word will be accurately inserted directly into the field where your cursor is located, making documentation faster and more efficient than ever before.

Browser Extension - Installation & Setup

With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits and features of this powerful extension.

Step 1: Navigate to the Google Chrome Web Store and look for “Dragon (DMO, DMD, DPA, DLA) Web Extension

Step 2: To enable the extension, simply click on the “Add to Chrome” button and confirm your selection.

Step 3: Once you have done so, refresh the page to ensure that the extension is enabled.

Step 4: To verify that it has been successfully added, click on the menu icon in Google Chrome and select “Settings”.

Step 5: From there, navigate to the “Extensions” section and look for “Dragon (DMO, DMD, DPA, DLA) Web Extension”.

Step 6: If you are unable to locate the extension, return to this page and click on “Add to Chrome” once again.

If you do not have Google Chrome installed, you will need to first download it here.