Barclays Wealth Management Reduces Average Call Time 15%

Barclay Wealth and Investment Management's New Voice Recognition Technology

Barclays Wealth Management reduces average call time by 15%, improving customer experience by utilizing Nuance’s voice biometric technology. This new voice recognition technology has been adopted by Barclays, the first organization all over the globe to do so.

Voice Biometrics

Most of the services are accessed through mobile applications, websites, and telephone. However, Barclays as well as many other companies have implemented new technology that allows voice identification. Breakthroughs in voice technology and research has enabled a great deal of innovation in setting up voice activated systems.

Now, whenever a client makes a call to the service center, advanced technology takes over and matches the client’s voice against their voiceprint which is stored in the system. If the check is positive, the service representative receives verification and they proceed to furnish the client with the required financial information.

Authentication Time

Barclays voice biometrics reduces the authentication time by 20 seconds. Then the client gets verified automatically as soon as their call is connected to the customer service representative. This Nuance voice authentication technology has improved the customer service experience for their clients. Allowing relationship managers to focus more on the needs of their clients, instead of the authentication procedures.


The advantages of this new technology over traditional voice activated systems are many. Some of the most important benefits of incorporating this technology are:

  • The system allows transparency and passiveness. In other words, the verification procedure begins immediately when the call is connected to the customer service representative, thus eliminating the need to ask any annoying authentication queries.
  • There’s no need to specify a password or phrase, write down anything or remember any PIN. It’s freeform and text-independent and is far more secure. Earlier, accounts could be accessed in a fraudulent manner by running a recording of the client’s speech in which they repeated a pass word, PIN or phrase.
  • An amazing fact is that the conversation’s content and the language or accent of the client is not taken into account. Instead, the client’s voice is matched against the stored voiceprint which depends upon the pitch, speaking rate, and the length and shape of the vocal tract.
  • With this system in place, clients don’t have to provide their voiceprint separately. It’s non-intrusive; it works by initially recording one or more conversations, removes those features of their voice which are distinct to them, and creates a voiceprint to be used as a reference. This is then stored in a safe repository.

Barclays Wealth Management Voice Recognition Technology

Overall, this technique is more secure as it uses voice and no two individual’s voice is the same. It is much more robust than a conventional PIN-based or password-based authentication, including the process of asking challenging questions.