Digital Marketing For Doctors

Digital Marketing For Doctors

When patients are looking for a doctor, 9 times out of 10, they begin with an online search. And with just over 1 million active physicians in the United States, creating a digital marketing for doctors strategy is key to staying ahead of the competition and growing your practice.

Let’s start by taking a moment to think about the ways a prospective patient is able to find you and your practice. Most advertise through local media such as magazines, newspapers, TV and radio ads. But local media can come at a high cost, and if you aren’t seeing a great return on investment, it may be time to explore other marketing options.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a form of marketing that utilizes the internet to advertise a service or product. More doctors than ever are realizing the importance of this type of marketing, using it to capture their patients, and grow their practice.

Before we talk about the benefits of digital marketing, we will first investigate the top 4 most popular digital marketing types used by doctors:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A properly planned SEO strategy can draw a considerable number of potential patients to your website. The process involves improving the quality of a website and its pages. In return your site moves to a higher position in the search results (SERPs), making you and your practice more visible to prospective patients.

The landing page of a website is most important. With around 70% of visitors clicking on only the first page of your website. It is critical that page grab their attention and they become intrigued to take action (i.e. calling or sending a message). Using this approach has become a necessity in today’s digital age.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Where SEO is focused on the search results, PPC focuses on advertisements that are usually found above or next to the search results. This form of digital marketing is where you pay a small amount each time one of your ads is clicked. Basically, it’s a way of paying for visitors to your site, versus “earning” those visits.

Social Media Marketing

Each day social media networks are becoming increasingly more popular with 4.7 billion people relying on them for information and communication worldwide. It’s probably one of the easiest ways doctors can create awareness about themselves and their practice. Sharing frequent updates, pictures, videos, and other useful information can quickly build up your following.

Email Marketing

Patient email addresses can easily be collected on intake forms and used in many ways other than appointment reminders. You can easily offer special discounts, ask for referrals, make announcements, and relay other useful information to your patients. This form of marketing is the simplest and most affordable.

Digital Marketing Importance

In this day and age, everyone goes to the internet for just about everything. Searching for and researching doctors is no exception. Digital marketing drives more people to become patients than any other form of marketing. It improves patient loyalty, increases patient retention, enhances your brand awareness, and online reputation. All of this combined means more growth and profit.

Digital Marketing Benefits

There are more benefits now using digital marketing than there were for prior advertising methods. You can easily reach more people, you can showcase more information, and easily track your success.

Your website is your foundation for success when it comes to digital marketing. It should be thought of like a business card, but with so much more information.

At minimum your website should offer a variety of ways to contact plus directions to your office, the list of services offered, and some information. Additionally, it can include patient forms, online appointment scheduling, and a blog to post news and information.

Making use of digital marketing not only gathers new patients, but, also gives your existing patients updates. It is a good communication tool and relationship builder.

Quite possibly one of the largest benefits of digital marketing is that it can be tracked as your practice grows. This will ensure your strategy is working and what areas should be tweaked to make your marketing strategy even more successful.

Currently, more than 4 million websites in the United States are using Google Analytics for tracking, making it the best tool.

With this tracking, you can follow the steps viewers are taking through your website. Thus providing you with an accurate view of trends and what is actually driving viewers to your practice.

Digital Marketing For Doctors

Whether you’re just starting a medical practice or have been practicing for years, more people than ever want to find a doctor easily. They want to quickly see the services offered, read reviews, and make an appointment. The healthcare industry is competitive and having a proper digital marketing strategy is the key to move you to the top.