Dragon Medical One vs. Practice Edition

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Nuance Dragon Medical One and Dragon Medical Practice Edition are real-time speech recognition software solutions that allow physicians and other clinicians to capture the patient story quickly and naturally. Both solutions save time, increase productivity, and support complete documentation.

With either solution, you are able to document faster, and easily integrate with almost any EHR system. Both allow you to use the Nuance PowerMic III handheld microphone, but only Dragon Medical One is compatible with the PowerMic Mobile App, which turns any smartphone into a portable dictation device. Both are single-user licenses, and would require a license for each user who wishes to use the program.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Nuance’s Practice Edition is the best-selling clinical speech recognition software application that is installed on your PC and uses local resources for dictation. This means that your computer does not require an internet connection for the program to function, however you do need a relatively powerful (and expensive) PC for fast and accurate recognition.

The software can be installed on multiple PC’s for a single user. Being a locally installed program, your user profile is stored on your computer’s hard drive. This means that any changes and custom settings made to your profile such as custom commands, macros, added vocabulary, etc. are not reflected on other computers. Someone using this edition at multiple locations may wind up having several different profiles, with varying levels of voice training.

Dragon Medical One

Dragon Medical One is a cloud-based program, where user profiles are stored on Nuance’s HITRUST CSF certified servers. This requires an internet connection in order to connect to the cloud, however it does not require the amount of resources that the local software application does. This gives users much more flexibility when selecting the type of device since local resources are not being used.

Being cloud-based also allows for Dragon Medical One to be used on any device. There is only a very light client side piece of software that needs to be installed in order to use it. This makes it extremely convenient and easy to use at multiple workstations, locations, or on the go using a smartphone with the powerful PowerMic Mobile App.

Another advantage of the cloud-based version is that users are always accessing the same voice profile. This translates into better accuracy, as the same profile is constantly being developed. Custom words and templates are also always accessible. This version also allows for direct dictation into almost every EHR system, provided the software can be deployed on the same server as the target application.

Lastly, because this version is subscription-based, you are always guaranteed to be on the latest and most secure version. Updates and upgrades are frequently released (at no additional cost) and available via a simple automated download and install process.

The Winner: Dragon Medical One

For users who enjoy being mobile, working across multiple devices, those who plan on creating multiple templates that are accessible anywhere, or those who do not want to worry about having to update and prefer a more maintenance free solution, Dragon Medical One is the clear winner.

We typically recommend a workflow evaluation and discovery or consultation with one of our experts before making a recommendation. With either solution, you receive all of our professional services, including set up and installation, 1-on-1 user training, and lifetime technical support.