DMPE Module 1
Introduction & System Requirements

DMPE Module 2
Software Installation

DMPE Module 3
Understanding DragonBar

DMPE Module 4
New Results Display

DMPE Module 5
Using Dragon Side Bar

DMPE Module 6
Formating & Correcting Text

DMPE Module 7
Using the Correction Menu & Adding Vocabulary

DMPE Module 8
Resolving Audio Quality Issues

DMPE Module 10
Configuring Roaming Users

DMPE Module 11
Windows Voice Commands

Training Modules

Module 1
System Requirements & Operating Systems Supported

Module 2
Software Installation, Product Registration & Activation, Creating a New User, Audio Setup Wizard, Initial Training & Accuracy Tuning

Module 3
General Training, Special Training & Natural Language Commands

Module 4
Export, Import, Backup & Restore

Module 5
Using Multiple Vocabularies & Adding a New Dictation Source

Module 6
The Microphone & DragonBar

Module 7
The Extras Tool Bar, Select and Correct Commands & Correction Menu, Select and Say Correction & Controlling the Correction Menu, Third Party Transcription, Correction Only Mode, Transcribe a Recording, User Name & Open User

Module 8
Saving a Document, Save Recorded Dictation with Document & Disk Space Reserved for Playback

Module 9
Using a Digital Recorder

Module 9
The Results Box and Saying a Command & Closing the Results Box

Module 10
Saying a Command, Using Microsoft Word & What Can I Say, The Select and Correct Commands, Quick Voice Formatting, Punctuation, Auto Punctuation, Optional Ess, Capitalize the Word after a New Line & Improving Dictation Accuracy

Module 11
The General Tab, The Capitalization Tab, The Numbers, Units, and Dates Tab, The Abbreviations Tab & The Miscellaneous Tab

Module 12
Custom Commands (Macros), Creating a Custom Command, MyCommands Editor, The Command Browser, Export Custom Commands & Import Custom Commands

Module 13
Adding Variables, Voice Fields, Variable Fields, Dragon Templates & Variable Delimiters

Module 14
Add Individual Word to the Vocabulary, The Vocabulary Editor, Word Properties, Export & Import Custom Words

Module 15
Switch between Recognition Modes, Normal Mode & Dictation Mode, Command Mode & Numbers Mode, Spell Mode, Force Command Recognition, Force Dictation & Recognition

Module 16
The Dictation Box, The Hidden Mode, The Dictation Box Settings, Limitations of the Hidden Mode & DragonPad

Module 17
Run the Acoustic & Language Model Optimizer, Schedule Acoustic & Language Model Optimizer & Accuracy Tuning

Module 18
The Roaming User Feature, The Roaming User Settings, Path to Local Directory for Cache & Changing a Local User to a Roaming User

Module 19
Export Custom Words, The Data Distribution Tool & Path to Shared Files

Module 20
Desktop Search, Web Search & E-mail & Disable Voice Shortcuts

Module 21
The PowerMic II, Add the PowerMic II as a New Input Source, The Audio Setup Wizard, Programming the PowerMic II Buttons, Assigning a Command to the PowerMic II Button, Digital Recorders, Add the digital recorder as a new input source, Record your speech into the digital recorder, Transfer your recorded speech to your computer, Let Dragon Medical 10 adapt to your recorded voice & Transcribe Recorded Dictation

Module 22
Which tool should I use, Check your audio settings, Add a single word to your vocabulary, Add words from your documents to the vocabulary, Increase accuracy from e-mail, Add a list of words to your vocabulary, View or edit to your vocabulary, Run the Vocabulary Optimizer & How to manage and personalize your vocabularies

Module 23
Require Click Command Options, Use Active Accessibility, Electronic Medical Record Applications Restrictions, Choosing a Medical Vocabulary, Mouse Commands, Voice Notation & The Dictation Box Settings