How Voice Recognition Software Will Impact Your Life

Voice Recognition Software Life

Over the past few years, voice recognition technology has become very advanced due to increased funding by tech giants such as Apple and Google.

As a result of this,  digital voice recognition software could have a large impact your life in the form of device features, top notch security, and more.

Before we dive into the impact of voice technology on our lives, let’s first discuss what voice command software actually is.

What is Voice Recognition Technology?

Voice recognition is a term that you have most likely heard on television or during a discussion with some tech-savvy friends. Other terms for voice recognition include speech recognition and voice recognition.

All of these terms refer to technology that learns your language and speech patterns through the use of voice recognition algorithms. The complexity of this varies to a fairly large degree depending on what the recognition technology is being used for.

The growing accuracy and reliability of voice recognition technology has opened up many opportunities for it to be used as a regular tool in society. Before you know it, voice recognition technology will be playing a fairly large role in your life.

Here are the top ways that this evolving voice technology will impact your life.

Control of Various Devices

Once advanced voice recognition becomes more prevalent, you will be able to control various features of your home without needing to touch a switch or remote.

For example, if you need to turn on the lights in your home, a simple command such as “turn on living room lights” could allow you to do so without ever needing to use your hands.

This same principle can be applied to a variety of appliances and home features such as water faucets, TVs, door locks, and stoves.

This seems futuristic now, but it could become a regular part of our lives sooner than you may think.


Complex speech recognition algorithms means that computers will be able to differentiate between the voices of each and every person.

Since no two people sound exactly the same, these voices can be used as a key of sorts for both digital media storage and physical places. This can provide a multi-tiered approach to security.

By setting a password that must be spoken with the owner’s voice, unauthorized entry is unlikely. Instead of memorizing a long list of passwords for all of the websites that you use, you can use voice recognition in place of the traditional email and password combination.

This can be used to provide you quick access to a variety of online sites ranging from Facebook to your bank account.

As a security tool, voice technology can be even more effective than today’s most high-tech bio-metric scanners.

Improved Devices

While voice technology is already used on existing smartphones and other mobile devices, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of the technology’s full potential.

Voice technology is currently only used to perform search and basic command tasks. In the future, we can expect voice technology to be used to perform a wide array of command tasks ranging from simple to complex.

For example, if you need to retrieve an spreadsheet from the cloud to provide to your boss, you will not need to go through the long process of logging into accounts and downloading the appropriate files.

Instead you will be able to command your phone to access the cloud and download the spreadsheet that you need. In a single action, the file will be downloaded to your smartphone and tablet and you will be able to email to your boss or print it out directly.

Voice technologies will offer these advantages and others as they continue to evolve and become more intertwined with our lives.

Before we know it, it will be difficult to remember how life was before voice technology became a regularly used tool.