Productivity Can Be Improved By Using Speech Recognition Software

Improve Productivity With Speech Recognition

We are here to show you how productivity can be improved by using speech recognition software.

It’s a given that talking is faster than having to type something and it has also been extensively researched. A team of researchers in Cornell University found that dictation through speech is at least three times faster than typing. When applied to a practical setting, the data from the research still holds true.

Not surprisingly, speech recognition software is a staple of computer devices. However, it was not until the introduction of speech recognition software on smartphones that this area truly began to grow. It can be said that by 2015, the speech recognition accuracy has greatly improved.

This aspect does make a significant difference because the quality of voice recognition matters. Data shows that in 2015, Google has a word error percentage of only 8%. By 2017, this had been brought down to 4.9%.

All these improvements have contributed to enhance not only the usability of speech recognition tools. But, also boosted the productivity that one can experience with it.

The following are some useful application of speech recognition and how it can boost productivity in and out of the workplace:

Streamline Documentation

One of the key things that people in administrative roles have to deal with is paperwork. Nearly 50% of their workload consists of handling different types of paperwork. What is even more interesting to note is that paperwork tends to reduce productivity by 39%. Additionally, many professionals spend nearly 3 to 4 hours handling simple paperwork and reports.

With speech recognition, this process can be greatly streamlined and relieve professionals of overload. It also frees up time and allows them to accomplish the other tasks, which usually get pushed aside because of the heavy workload.

Working in the Field

For professions where a person must be on the field, it is not always possible to bring a note pad or tackle paperwork while they are out. For them, speech recognition software makes it possible to record notes on the fly. Moreover, these notes will be ready for printing, editing or refining when they reach the office.

This is an extremely useful feature that professionals like journalists, construction professionals, people who travel. What’s even more interesting is the use of smartphones that have voice recognition systems. These eliminate the need to carry special recording devices with them.

Better for Professional Writers

For writers who are on a deadline, getting their notes assembled, organized and refined comes before and after they have finished the work. However, the writing process can take them so long that they’re often crunching against the deadline.

With speech recognition, a large part of their work can be streamlined and simplified in this manner. By using speech recognition software, they are able to then just focus on refining the work that they need to finish.