Misconceptions About Speech Recognition

Misconceptions About Speech Recognition

Since its inception, speech recognition technology has evolved in a major way. We all know that it improves mobility, enhances efficiency, and helps maintain information. However, some myths about speech recognition still prevail. In this article, we will unveil and debunk some common misconceptions about speech recognition.

You Have to Speak Slowly and Loudly

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to speak slowly and loudly to be heard. Instead, you are free to speak at your own pace and pitch to deliver the right message. Speaking loudly will hinder your communication. Furthermore, speaking too loudly and slowly will make you sound like a robot. To make yourself audible, try speaking how you would usually speak in your day to day conversations with friends and loved ones.

It Is Not Accurate

Another misconception about speech recognition software is that they aren’t accurate. Well over the last decade or so we have seen technology come along way. This includes computers, phone systems, and more. The speech recognition technology that we have today is far more efficient and accurate, and rarely miss anything that comes out of your mouth.

It Will Replace Keyboards

Speech recognition may be a great tool, but it is unfair to say that it will replace traditional input methods like typing. However, speech has become a popular interface in our modern gadgets. The reason why some voice recognition software system users don’t use keyboards is that they have some physical problem or disability. However, many people prefer being able to use both keyboards and speech recognition software.

It Is Expensive

This statement would have been true when desktop speech recognition systems were introduced. Back in the day, speech recognition was a new concept, and there weren’t many options where we could benefit from this speech recognition technology. However, today, there are a lot of options, depending upon the device you use. With so many options at your disposal, speech recognition has become extremely popular, and therefore, it isn’t as costly as it used to be.

It Transcribes Different Voices at the Same Time

Wouldn’t it be great if all of your meetings, interviews and conversations  are transcribed? It is a fact that speech recognition technology has evolved, and it has become extremely user-friendly. However, this technology is still a little tricky for the users. Some of the speech recognition systems are speaker dependent. It means that it needs to hear and recognize a voice, and based on that it builds a profile. As far as multi-speaker systems are concerned, experts are working towards them, but they aren’t available yet.