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Plantronics HD-GEN-002 Headset


The Plantronics Headset HD-GEN-002 is the original dictation headset included when you purchase any Nuance Speech Recognition Software. Read more about this Plantronics noise cancelling headset below.


Accuracy is critical when using Speech Recognition Software for recording important documentation. Therefore, you need to choose a microphone or a headset that is able to accurately capture every spoken word. Plantronics is a leader in producing headsets for professional use. For years, they have been using state-of-the-art technology to produce the highest quality headsets. With a sleek modern design, they are a reliable top choice. They have been so reliable, that companies like Nuance have partnered with them. The popular Plantronics HD-GEN-002 Headset comes included when your purchase any of their widely used software solutions.