Law Enforcement Technology Today

Speech Recognition and Law Enforcement

Law enforcement technology has come a long way in regards to increasing the overall efficiency of law enforcement agencies. This has led to allowing more cops to be on the streets. Moreover, ones who can be safer, than ever before.

From the average deputy all the way to the chief, these folks are regarded to be among the most elite members of the community. Helping to defend and protect it’s people from various crimes and any other harm.

Preparing Documents

Documentation is only one part of the whole picture. Most work does not always include the mid-night raid in the lairs of the people who follow a life of vice and crime. Most of the average officers work load consists of paper work as well as other documentation. This could be a variety of different crimes and other issues, ranging from accidents to arrests.

No cop is allowed to just randomly arrest someone without having any just cause to do so. And this is why in order to prove the same. He or she has to go through a whole lot of paperwork, to say the least.

There is a very large amount of paperwork that is required. Ensuring that the arrest is truly legitimate. Which means that officers spend far more time in making tedious reports, than doing what they really should.

Apart from that, many otherwise highly overworked officers can easily make mistakes while preparing documents. And since such paper work is directly responsible for any convictions in the court of law, it is imperative that they be absolutely free from errors.

Speech Recognition Technology

This is the part where technology comes into the picture. Before the invention and adoption of widespread technology, many law enforcement departments  required officers to write and type the files themselves. And they had to do the needful in each and every aspect of the case.

However, switching to voice recognition technology such as Philips SpeechLive has meant that all of that extra time has been saved. Allowing officers to spend that spare time fighting crime in the streets. All of this is possible only with the help of speech recognition technology and its implementation in the law enforcement sector.