Speech Recognition Process & Applications

Speech Recognition Processes and Applications

There are for sure a lot of pieces involved in the overall speech recognition process. Learning how does speech recognition work can be confusing. But, for easier comprehension, we have listed a few key aspects of the process below:

First, we have to convert the human voice signals into digital signals. When you speak, you create vibrations which are gathered by an ADC converter. It then turns those signals into digital data for further measurement.

Second, it removes noise from the digitized version and the volume level is also made constant.

Third, these signals are then separated into minute segments, which may be a few thousandth of a second.

Lastly, these segments are then matched with the phoneme which further combine in order to form meaningful expressions.

Afterward, the software examines these phonemes in addition to those used around it. A complex statistical model is used to compare these phonemes using a massive vocab library. This allows the software to interpret what the speaker wanted to say.

The above list is the simplified version of a perplexing process.

It takes less than a second for the entire process to be complete.

Software Applications

It is fair to say that voice recognition software has become quite common in many different applications. Here are some of the industries that make the most of the real-time application that speech recognition software offers.

Legal Matters

Lawyers don’t have much time to spare, and a lot of documentation to be done. Manually writing every single thing down could take ages. Voice recognition software allows them to speed up and streamline their processes. This spares them more time to handle the case. Some software in the market also lets you identify criminals.

Computer Assistance

Many speech recognition software is designed to assist the disabled. This allows them to simply navigate through the computer without any hassle as all they have to do is speak, and the software responds to their commands. Such an application can also be very commonly seen in contemporary smart phones.

Medical Applications

Easily one of the top applications of speech recognition software is in the medical arena. You can find a lot of doctors today using software applications like Dragon Medical One for clinical documentation. This application allows the doctors to easily dictate and create electronic health records with greater ease and accuracy.

The use speech recognition software in the US healthcare industry has grown by a great margin in the past few years. It is expected to continue further on the same upward-inclining trend.