Streamlining Your Law Firm

Streamlining Your Law Firm

Maintaining office efficiency in a law firm is not only a key strategy for success, it is crucial to staying on top of calendared obligations, court dates and responding to correspondence within provided time parameters.

Every minute in a law firm counts because they are billable and because it is an environment that demands high productivity and good work-flow. Improving efficiency in your law firm can be accomplished in a few steps that create a measurable difference in meeting objectives, increasing performance and never overlooking a critical duty.

Increasing Office Productivity and Efficiency Through Collaboration

Small law firms are at somewhat of a disadvantage compared to larger firms that have positions for everything from making copies to completing necessary legal research. Offices with multi-purpose office staff in particular, need to encourage collaboration.

Hiring the right people with the right skill set, especially those who bring a variety of talent and flexibility to a law firm are well worth the investment.

Incorporate a Business Standard

After identifying areas of improvement within the law firm, developing and distributing an office manual is an effective approach for setting the standard of expectations.

Staff will clearly know how to share resources, identify appropriate times for non-work activities and how to utilize every minute as expected without being micro-managed.

Using Every Ounce of Technology Available

Law firms that use speech recognition technology like Philips SpeechLive are able to quickly create documents, emails and complete online research hands-free. Benefits of using this technology include:

  • Information is available to all, immediately
  • Software can be used on multiple devices for added convenience
  • Voice recognition allows billing for more hours worked and higher productivity; and
  • Technology offers a one and done solution

Schedule & Prioritize

Setting priorities daily, weekly and monthly helps prepare staff and brings cohesiveness to the office. Once everyone knows what is being scheduled they are better able to allocate both resources and efforts to perform as efficiently as possible.

Moreover, when there are priorities and measurable objectives set, it brings accountability to the table, and staff who are accountable are all the more efficient.

Keep Strict Attendance Policy

Finally, making sure the team shows up every day, ready to work, is as directly related to improving efficiency as the previous four recommendations combined. Encouraging positive attitudes makes work fun and it helps support good working relationships both internally and externally.

Improving efficiency in your law firm is best approached through good communication. Whether there are instances of intermittent attendance, prioritizing or general office day-to-day shortcomings that have been contributing to less productivity than desired, implementing these 5 strategies for increasing efficiency will make an immediate difference.

People, when approached through good communication are willing and enjoy working harder for the greater good. Since a law firm requires success in order to remain in practice, these environments are advantageously susceptible to incorporating strategies that will make work better for the whole team.