The Implementation of Speech Recognition Technology

The Implementation of Speech Recognition Technology

Even though many smalltime clinicians still remain wary of voice recognition technology in general, but nevertheless, many large hospitals all over the country definitely believe that they are the wave of the future.

While SR technology is being adopted fairly rapidly all over the country’s many hospitals and other health care facilities, but there are certain problems associated with it, that must be solved if the technology is to reach the mainstream. Let us take a look at a few along with their suggested solutions:

Problem: Dealing with ambient noise

This is a major problem right here. Since all hospitals are by their very nature, essentially noisy places, the SR device will pick up the background static and weave it into the notes that the doctor is trying to dictate to the device. If this problem is not taken care of properly enough, the whole exercise can lead to the garbling of the written texts which will make no sense at all.


One of the simplest methods of dealing with this issue is that the doctor should simply close the door to his clinic, while dictating the notes. And if that is not possible, he can try speaking right into the mike itself so that, the system is able to differentiate between the main voice and the background static.

Problem: Resistance among end users

Many senior physicians who have basically spent their entire lifetimes jotting down their myriad notes that are then typed by their assistants will almost certainly be quite skeptical about such new technological innovations.


It does not have to be this way at all, provided that such senior end users are also taken into confidence with regard to te many benefits of this technology till their resistance vanishes completely.

Problem: lack of clarity in the diction itself

Sometimes, a person’s accent, speech mannerisms and subtle nuances in pronunciation can confuse the AI (artificial intelligence) typically associated with these SR capable devices.


While the people responsible for the creation as well as the updating of this cutting edge technology are always working to improve it substantially, however anyone using the device can easily make sure that he or she is able to help the system along, by speaking both clearly and slowly so that the device has no issues with picking up the right words.

Furthermore, it will also help, to proof read all the documents to ensure that there are no inadvertent errors that might have passed unnoticed though the whole transcription process.


In the light of the above, it is fairly obvious that voice recognition’ technology definitely has the potential to effectively revolutionize the very concept of note taking, as it exists in the health care sector today, provided the problems associated with it have been satisfactorily addressed, beforehand.