The Best Digital Conference Recorder

Invention of Conference Recording Equipment

Before having a digital conference recorder, stenographers had to attempt to manually jot down the minutes of a meeting.

They would have to some times try and keep up with multiple participants who would be speaking simultaneously. The poor stenographer had to be adept in the art of typing or writing in short hand. Even then, more often than not, errors would occur. Even worse problems would crop up with many participants. Participants claiming that they had never said what was written in the minutes.

This led to double checking of records and even repeat conferences with the stenographer have to do double the work.

However, that was in the past, before the invention of digital conference recording equipment. Now cutting edge conference recording devices as well as digital voice recorders are available to record a conference with crystal clear clarity.

The Best Digital Conference Recorder

The Philips DPM8000 is just one such device and has made life easier for not just stenographers but just about all the participants of a conference or meeting. It has been tailor made for large meeting spaces, full of multiple participants.

First, this device packs 4 semi-independent microphones to ensure that there’s complete 360 degree coverage. Making it perfect for even the largest of conference rooms. The recorder is capable of recording in multiple formats such as PCM, DSS and the ever popular MP3.

Second, the device is also equipped with an SD/SDHC memory card slot so that it never runs out of space even in extra long conferences. It also sports a micro USB 2.0 port that helps in high speed transfer of data to a laptop or desktop or even a tablet.

Lastly, the unit boasts of an integrated microphone along with headphone output. Giving the operator the ability to easily check the playback quality and shuffle the mics around, for even greater clarity. In case the participants need to go over a point all over again. The recorder is also equipped with its own speaker that can play back its recordings. Apart from that a 2″ LCD screen serves to ensure that all instructions imputed into the device can be visually checked.