Workplace of The Future

The Workplace of The Future

The future workplace looks bright. Indications as to what we can expect from the the workplace of the future are all around us. As technology continues to evolve, the corporate world is developing new business processes. These businesses are taking advantage of technological changes. Therefore, bringing down the costs of doing business. More business owners are recognizing the benefits of technology in the workplace. What will the workplace of the future with technology look like in 50 years? We would all like to be riding around in flying cars. But, the reality of that may be a little less dramatic. But still very exciting. The future holds changes for all industries. Change will come to the way people work. Moreover, the way the world does business.

Voice Recognition Software

Today, interactive phone menus can be operated using voice commands. This does not require you to press a single button to talk to the person. Cars are being sold that can allow most of their internal functions to be handled by voice commands. In the future, speech recognition software will play a much larger role in how we do business. Eliminating the need to type out correspondence. It will all be dictated to a computer that will generate flawless documents. Office security will be strengthened by using voice recognition instead of swipe cards and consumer products will become more voice interactive than ever before.


Companies used to want all of their employees working in one office. This is so those employees could be better managed and productivity could be monitored. Technology allows companies to do the same kind of monitoring. But, without paying the additional office space and overhead costs. Telecommuting has been made more efficient thanks to several advances in technology. Such technology includes cloud computing and video teleconferencing. With telecommuting, a company can take advantage of having a talented staff of employees from all over the world.

Common Workplaces

For the companies that continue to use office space in the future, the idea of assigning offices to individuals will no longer be the practice. Companies such as Google have shown that creating common workspace increases productivity. Additionally, it prevents employees from being tied to one part of the office which enhances morale. Look for more companies to decrease the use of assigned offices.

Facial Recognition Software

Facial recognition software has become so advanced. There is a hotel in Japan that gives customers the option of using a room key, or utilizing facial recognition technology to access their rooms. Technology will become more sophisticated. It will be the way that offices enhance and strengthen security. Thus, protecting employees and customers.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is still in its infancy as there are issues of signal reliability and security to be worked out. Some of the most dramatic advancements in technology are coming. Wireless technology and the office of the future may not be truly paperless, but it will be wireless. With each new technological development we see today. Additionally, we are given a glimpse into how we will do business in the future. Moreover, As companies invest in business methods that reduce the cost of doing business, the average workplace continues to change. As well as, evolve into something very different that what we have all become accustomed to.