Training Speech Recognition Software

Training Speech Recognition Software

The accuracy of speech recognition software has evolved significantly since its entry into the market many years ago. With a little bit of speech recognition training we are seeing many who use this software achieving very high accuracy levels. Topping the list of most accurate speech recognition programs is Dragon Medical One.

Speech Recognition Training

It is necessary to train the software in order to ensure that it understands the unique nuances presented in your speech. No two human vocal tracts are alike; everybody has a unique voice. There are two broad aspects to a voice. These are the physiological aspect and the behavioral aspect. Innumerable variations in both aspects are what cause the diversity in human voices. Therefore, no matter how well the software is programmed, it can never completely encompass the full range of nuances present in human voices. This is why the necessity of training the software exists.

The more time you spend training your software, the more time you will end up saving and correcting fewer mistakes. The training required also depends on the intended usage of the software. For example, if you intend to only make notes, operate your computer at a basic level, or generally make documents for which accuracy is not paramount, the basic training that the software offers may suffice.

How Long Does Training Take?

Having an unusual accent may require you to put in a lot more hours compared to someone who is far more accustomed to clearly articulating the English language. You would have to be prepared for the process to take a few days. If you correct the mistakes it makes by going through the procedures advised during this time, you will begin to notice substantial improvements in accuracy.

For example, in most programs, you need to correct every single error made during the process. This can understandably be tedious and frustrating but patience is necessary for the training, but the payoff is worth it. The resulting speech recognition accuracy allows you to create documents with a lot more speed.