What Desktop Microphones Are Available

What Desktop Microphones Are Available

There was a time when desktops were silent devices used only for word processing and number crunching. However, that was in decades past and today’s multi media machines have been created keeping in mine the importance of anything and everything from video conferencing to podcasts to dictation for professionals such as lawyers, police officers and doctors who are otherwise hard pressed for time.

If you are a professional or even a casual user, a good dictation microphone should be a necessary part of your workstation. And speaking of such microphones, the Philips brand is by far the first one that comes to mind. After all, it makes sense to only opt for a brand that is renowned the world, over for its dedication to quality and state of the art innovation. Apart from that, the Phillips name is a byword for reliability, backed by a global network of sales and service centers. Some of their more popular desktop microphones include:

The Philips LFH3500 SpeechMike 

This device takes dictation to a whole new level. The main advantage of the LFH3500 is the fact that its microphone has been effectively decoupled from its housing. This is why it is capable of delivering the most amazing recording performance possible, at least in the world of desktop dictation devices.

Actually, the LFH3500 uses the same technique as premium microphones commonly found in expensive sound studios so as to ensure absolutely minimum sound distortion. This is of pivotal importance for most speech recognition software available today.

In addition to the decoupled mike, the device is also equipped with a double sized speaker area so that all play back recordings sound crystal clear when you listen to them. It is also significantly more technologically advanced then its brethren since it is equipped with its own motion sensor. This sensor enables it to switch itself on and off when ever it is picked up or put down, thereby conserving energy.

Philips LFH3210 SpeechMike

This dictation device has been designed for professionals by professionals. Apart from is phenomenal speech recognition capabilities, the device is also equipped with its very own antimicrobial surface for better hygiene, thus making it the ideal companion for use in a hospital or any other medical and clinical environment. This is because it has been constructed from materials that impede the breeding and reproduction of bacteria, even in a warm and moist climate.

Phillips has also given great attention to its ergonomics and they have effectively ensured its controls are fully capable of being manipulated by a single thumb. The most important controls are placed right in the middle while the less important once have been placed below so as to ensure optimum one handed operation.

There is no doubt that you can’t go wrong with a Phillips desktop dictation device.