3 Ways Businesses Can Use Speech Recognition

Businesses Can Use Speech Recognition

Even though our world is not as futuristic as sci-fi movies might have predicted, speech recognition business use and its real-world applications are still a step in the right direction. Slowly but surely, speech recognition has grown from a novelty feature into a viable application that is not just functional but also beneficial for small businesses everywhere.

While there’s still a lot of room for improvement, something like Dragon Professional can drastically help businesses in various areas. If you’re curious, the following are some effective ways that businesses are making use of this technology.

1. Ties in With Market Research

Businesses that are looking to expand into new markets or to just connect with their target market better can make use of this technology. With speech recognition it is possible to perform data mining based on key demographic factors and more.

Other areas where speech recognition can help collect data is to understand the emotion, speech patterns, sentiments, accents, language and age of the consumer better. With this factor, it gives businesses valuable insight that they can use to grow or improve their services.

2. Boosts Productivity and Lowers Cost

The best part about using speech recognition software is that it has made self-dictation extremely easy. Everyday more businesses make use of apps and tools that can be used to convert audio notes into text. Whether they want to write an email, take notes during a meeting or presentation or transcribe documents, speech recognition makes it easier to do so.

The best part is that transcription apps and tools are very inexpensive. They are also very user-friendly interfaces which makes them suited for use by people in any profession and level of expertise.

3. In Line With Market Changes

With the introduction of Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, many users have made a prominent shift to voice-based searches. It is estimated that nearly 50% of all searches are voice based. This is a trend that is expected to grow over the next few years. Furthermore, there will be a direct move to voice activated functions and features are going to be more popularly embraced.

By understanding speech recognition, a business can optimize their company website on voice based searches. As more people embrace new technology in this manner, the AI grows better over the years. Businesses can benefit from optimizing their services now to accommodate the changes caused by this prediction.