5 Amazon Alexa Applications in The Healthcare Industry

Alexa Applications in The Healthcare Industry

In recent years, the tech giant, Amazon, has invested a great deal of resources in its voice solution, Amazon Alexa. As the voice technology continues to attract adoption, healthcare institutions and related companies have embraced the tech to fine-tune their services. There are many Amazon Alexa healthcare uses.

1. Ambulances

Amazon Alexa has allowed authorities to offer assistance to the ambulance staff. One ambulance service in Massachusetts is guiding EMTs to dispense pharmacology and treat patients. Alexa’s voice support lends support to EMTs by spelling out medical terms for treatments and diseases. Along with ensuring that correct dosages are reserved for patients.

2. Live Hospital Information

Patients looking for hospital services can take advantage of Alexa to learn about the locations and wait timing of their healthcare institutions. In total, a patient can perform the following tasks.

  • Locate the nearest hospital.
  • Determine how much time an operation takes.
  • Obtain waiting time information.
  • Collect contact details of a facility.

However, keep in mind that this application is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment or advice; it merely updates patients regarding general hospital information.

3. First-Aid Tutorials

Alexa provides a hands-free access to first-aid information for their user base. It offers self-care instructions via voice for daily situations by generating real-time answers from authentic and credible sources. Users only need to say “Alexa, open Mayo First-Aid” to launch the applications and get medical guidance via their devices. For instance, they can ask, “how to treat a burn?” or “I need help for my flu”.

4. Health Insurance Companies

Liberty Mutual Insurance developed an Alexa-based service for the insurance industry. This solution allows the users to issue voice-enabled commands for navigating through the insurance process. Users can go through different FAQ sections or request for an insurance quote. This process does not only provide convenience to the end-user, but it also saves a lot of money and time for the insurance company. In this way, they can reduce the workload of one of their busiest departments, the customer support department.

5. Diabetic Patients

Healthcare institutions are using Alexa to provide a great deal of relief to diabetic patients. Individuals with type-2 diabetes can utilize it to incorporate new routines for streamlining and improving their daily lives.