6 Benefits of Speech Recognition in Healthcare

Benefits of Speech Recognition in Healthcare

Speech recognition is often mistaken for voice recognition. Speech recognition is when a computer program identifies different words that we use in our day to day communication and convert them into a rather machine readable format. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of speech recognition in the healthcare industry.

1. Makes a Physician More Productive

One of the benefits of speech recognition in Healthcare is that it has made physicians more productive. It helps them take care of more patients at a time, without depending on the EHR system. It also benefits other departments in a healthcare facility. Furthermore, it minimizes the turnaround time in a very major way, while saving the hospital a lot of money.

2. Fewer Errors

It’s a known fact that hospitals and medical practices that use speech recognition systems have more accurate medical records. Some of the biggest errors take place when patients are referred to another office. If the information is not transmitted properly during this time, that can prove to be detrimental. However, with the help of speech recognition, providers remain updated with accurate information on the patients they are handling.

3. Improved Mobility

With speech recognition systems, doctors can stay on the go and provide instructions wherever and whenever they need to. This helps them make efficient use of their time. It allows doctors to record important notes right after they see a patient. As they don’t have to spend time making reports, they can also see more patients during the day. Moreover, they can also record treatment ideas, without having to write them down in a notebook.

4. Better Decision Making

With the most relevant and accurate information, physicians can make the best decisions for their medical practice. Speech recognition technology makes all the relevant information readily available, which was not possible a few years back.

5. Voice Data Has Become Reusable

In the year 2013, a majority of the hospitals in the US were penalized because of readmission’s. Voice data proved to be helpful here. It can be used to predict readmission. The primary benefit of voice data is that it can be used as many times as necessary. As a result, you get more accurate and immediate care, especially for the purpose of billing.

6. Flexibility

Another benefit of speech recognition in the healthcare industry is the flexibility it offers. It means that you are not dependent on a particular interface to access information. With the help of cloud technology, healthcare professionals can share valuable information with one another, irrespective of the plethora of devices that they use. This is specifically useful in health audits, as it helps bridge the gap between care delivery and recording.

Final Few Words

By now you must have understood the benefits of speech recognition in healthcare. Speech recognition helps in collecting clinical notes and decision-making. In the hospital’s sterile environment, it provides a touch-free mode of communication. Lastly, it supports people with restricted mobility.

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