Do We Really Need Speech Recognition Technology

Do We Really Need Speech Recognition Technology

Voice recognition technology has come a long way since its inception. Now, it is being used aggressively by the healthcare sector to make doctors more efficient.

The recent surge in global population levels has led to an increased demand for qualified physicians and medical facilities. Add to that the fact that people are exercising a whole lot less than they used to do so before and the need for quality physicians and healthcare services goes up tenfold. The final straw that broke the camel’s back is our processed food diet that has led to a slew of health-related problems.

Under the circumstances, this three strike combination of burgeoning population rates and ever-increasing illnesses has led to tremendous pressure on the health care sector as a whole. There are just not enough doctors to keep up with the demand!

The government has also become extremely particular about compliance-related issues and lack of a paper trail has often led to a lot of problems for both hospitals and doctors

As a general rule, senior residents and their support staff such as nurses and assistants have to spend a lot of time going through paperwork, instead of taking care of their true vocation. And this is not just senior residents alone but everyone else associated with the health care sector has also been affected by these regulatory issues.

The Dawn of the Voice Recognition Era

This is the part where voice recognition technology comes into the picture. This is an amazing way to transfer speech-to-text software and thus get rid of professional transcribers once and for all. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, doctors no longer have to wait in line for the next available transcriber. Nor do overworked support staff members end up making critical mistakes while taking care of important patient treatment records.

This method is not only extremely safe and secure but it also helps to ease the burden of all the people who work in this sector.

In fact, the pre-voice technology era documentation procedure consisted of doctors wasting precious time to personally dictate important notes to their respective assistants. These notes were then converted from written speech to digital systems. However, a lot of data invariably ended up getting lost in the process. This created many problems for all the stakeholders concerned.


After going through the above points, we can confidently assert that voice recognition technology does not only increase the overall efficiency of the medical sector but also protects it from costly lawsuits.

After the introduction of this technology, many such facilities are now easily able to treat a far greater number of patients than ever before. And at the same time, it also helps in reducing the burden of not just doctors but also their support staff.