Giving The Gift of Dragon Software

Giving the Gift of Dragon Software

If your looking for a unique gift idea, one that keeps giving all year long, year after year, then this is for you! There are many people who can benefit from the use of Dragon Software. Let’s see if there is someone in your life who can benefit from Dragon Software.


It’s well known that most doctors have terrible hand writing skills, and if you’re a doctor, you are probably aware of this.

Dragon Medical is a program that most in the medical community have heard of by now. It’s designed to accurately capture patient information, such as medical history, diagnosis, treatment plans, and more. This information can be documented during the patient visit or at the end of the day. There is no typing or longhand writing required at all. This program is geared specifically towards doctors, with a built in medical vocabulary for multiple specialties.


Take a close look at the office of a lawyer, and you will likely find notes everywhere. Those notes are critical in the lawyer keeping track of client information. But the notes can easily be lost or look messy and unprofessional.

Dragon Legal takes these notes and allows this information to be digitally stored. These notes are easily captured simply by speaking clearly into any good quality speech recognition microphone. This editions extensive database of legal terms make it the perfect choice for any busy lawyer.

There is no doubt that lawyers have a lot to keep track of, and the use of Dragon Software helps them stay on track and improve efficiency.


Many workers today spend all of their time hunched over a keyboard, typing thousands of words every day. It’s no surprise that we are seeing an increase in hand injuries and repetitive stress injuries in today’s workforce.

Ones who have a lot of work to do, or even people slow at typing, can really appreciate the use of Dragon Software. This program cuts the ability to capture information and create documents that they need in half.

Dragon Professional helps workers stay on top of things and stay healthy. The end result is a fantastic gift to someone who is important in your life.