Ways To Improve Work Performance in Healthcare

Health Care Facilities With Speech Recognition

There is no doubt that speech recognition technology can help doctors save time. Making this technology quite possibly one of the best ways to improve work performance in healthcare. Performance is achieved by spending less time on documentation and more time on things that matter, such as taking care of patients.

Technology Evolution

We have evolved quite a bit in the last few decades. From having a medical transcription to transcribe all medical records to using speech recognition technology.

In the past, doctors had to take notes either with pen and paper or using a handheld voice recorder. These notes were typed by a medical transcriptionist using a word processor, printed, and taken to the doctor who reviewed and signed off on them. This wasted a lot of time and energy, and in some cases led to increasingly bigger patient backlogs.

Speech Recognition Invention

The invention of speech recognition technology has changed all of that. Doctors can easily save a tremendous amount of time, giving them the ability to see more patients per hour instead of taking tedious notes.

Today, radically advanced solutions like Dragon Medical One are now taking over the documentation process. This technology is both accurate and secure. Allowing doctors to spend a fraction of the time it would normally take. In fact, many doctors can actually take notes during the visit, saving even more time. This means that the doctor does not have to wait before updating records.

Pairing this technology with speech recognition devices such as the Nuance PowerMic III can filter out various background noises. Giving the highest level of accuracy ever achieved. Furthermore, all of the data itself is stored and secured in the cloud.

Additionally, with the help of speech recognition technology, it is now possible for doctors and their support staff to access patient data from anywhere.

Improving Work Performance

It can easily be seen that speech recognition technology can improve performance for doctors. The valuable hours they save can be utilized to take care of their patients.