Learn How To See More Patients Per Hour

Dragon Medical Doctor

I think we all know how important a doctor’s time is, not only economically but for providing the best possible patient care. Ones who effectively learn how to see more patients per hour can see an increase in revenue. However, that can come at a cost of possibly feeling burned out at the end of the day.

We have seen the use of EHR systems helps somewhat. But, navigation can be time consuming and frustrating. Most of the complaints are that typing in information from a visit simply takes too much time, up to five minutes per patient. Time adds up quickly, significantly reducing the ability to reach your goal of seeing more patients per day.

Staying up with the latest technology while continuing to deliver excellent patient care can be overwhelming. However, we are here to let you know that making use of the right technology can save time and see patients more efficiently.

Use The Right Tools

Making use of Dragon Medical for example incorporates voice recognition technology into the EHR system. This allows doctors to continue to reap the benefits of using an EHR, without the additional time spent typing.

Doctors who are familiar with EHR systems will recognize many of the features Dragon Medical has to offer. The software has templates as well as patient information that can be auto-completed while seeing the patient.

When the visit is over, the solution is ready for additional information or ready to move on to the next patient.

Customer Success Story

One physician, Dr. Jose Gude noted, “Doctors aren’t good typists.”

After 5 months, Dr. Gude already felt that the software was essential. Patient histories and other information could be spoken into a microphone at the station or making use of his smartphone, a clear time saver over sitting there typing.

Unlike template-based programs, Dragon Medical allows physicians to take notes that don’t fit within the template. The combination of the freedom of paper charting with the efficiency of electronic records is a clear winner.

In addition, doctors can immediately read notes and check for mistakes. This is not always a possible when using a medical scribe.

Time Savings = Money Savings

Dragon Medical not only allows doctors to work efficiently, it saves money on costs from traditional transcription services.

Additionally, errors can be quickly correcting, yielding more accurate charts.

One primary care practice associated with University of Rochester Medical Center recently implemented Dragon Medical. Between the 6 physicians in the practice, the savings were estimated at $20,000 to $30,000 per month. That’s ALOT!

Based on this savings, the medical center now plans to implement Dragon Medical in all areas, which includes more than 700 physicians.