How Speech Recognition Has Affected Our Lives

How Speech Recognition Has Affected Our Lives

Speech recognition is now becoming an increasingly integral part of our lives. From Siri to Google’s Assistant, people who use such technology change and become different due to the many benefits of speech recognition devices on our lives.

It is now possible to verbally ask your phone to map you a route to your destination and the software will take care of the rest.

There was a time when trying to convert your voice into text on your smart phone or PC was the stuff either of nightmares or outright ridicule. In fact, many of us would remember the hilarious days when our speech recognition software ended up saying things that had us convulsing in peals of laughter. But, that was a long time ago and within the last few years or so, Google alone has significantly increased the accuracy as well as the efficacy of its speech recognition devices’ abilities quite substantially. This is why, industry pundits and other knowledgeable folks are claiming that come 2020, the odds are that around 50 percent or so of all searches will be made via verbal commands only. Gone are the days when it was the brunt of puerile ribaldry and considered utterly ineffective. There are now a large number of reasons why people are shifting to speech recognition in increasingly larger numbers.

Let us check a few advantages of speech recognition software here:

Increased Safety

Rather than trying to tinker with your car’s sat nav system on your own, now you can simply command it to find the optimum route to your destination. Car voice recognition frees you from making potentially dangerous mistakes with your hands off the wheel while driving. This is only possible due to the high level of accuracy that is now consistently associated with this technology, thereby making a trip to your favorite restaurant, a veritable breeze.

User Friendliness

This holds especially true for the tiny screens of any smartphone device. Rather than typing copious amounts of text on all your WhatsApp groups simultaneously, you can simply speak what you want to say and the built-in speech recognition engine will convert your words into text so that you will not need to type the same any more.

This is due to the fact that as of now, it is far easier for a software or app to understand the various dialects, accents, and figures of speech from a myriad different user. A few seconds (or minutes, at most) of training now would suffice to help your device effectively recognize your voice and respond to it accordingly.

Thanks to speech recognition technology and all its accompanying benefits, we have opened a whole new door of convenience and there is no looking back, ever again.