Voice Recognition Technology Will Change The Future

Voice Recognition Will Change Our Lives In The Future

In this article, our experts take a look at how voice recognition technology will change the future.

Voice recognition systems have come a long way since the 1950’s. Popular smartphones like the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy series have their own personal voice assistants. These assistants can not only understand you, but also communicate and entertain you with their intelligent, witty, and quirky replies.

However, this is not the end.

Speech recognition is being researched and improved further, thanks to funding by major tech companies such as Google and Apple. It won’t be long when voice recognition will become an integral part of people’s lives and you will be utilizing this piece of technology in your homes, cars, security systems, etc. The future of voice recognition is filled with potential.

Let’s take a quick look at how the voice recognition technology will change our lives.

More Voice Assistants

Nowadays, the most popular voice assistants are Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. In the near future, many new intelligent voice activated systems will be developed.

How would this be possible you ask? Well, through API’s based on the cloud.

There are many companies that offer the opportunity to build intelligent voice portals and interfaces like MindMeld, Expect Labs,, and

Your Computer Will Listen To You

You must have seen sci-fi movies where human beings interact with computer and machines in the same way as they do with other human beings. Presently, computers have become extremely powerful. They can process data, recognize, and listen better than human beings.

A time will come when voice activated computer systems will constantly hear what you have to say. This will change the method by which people interact with machines.

For example, wearable devices, automobiles, and conference rooms will actively be seeking input. Because information is a vital asset nowadays, the availability of it at your fingertips no matter the time or location will alter the world.

You Will be Able to Control Everything

Voice recognition systems are becoming more complex and advanced with the passage of time. It won’t be long until we will be able to control everything in ourĀ  homes using nothing but your voice.

For example, you can safely bid farewell to switches and remote controls. You will be using your voice to control voice activated household appliances.

Your smartphone will become smarter. You will no longer need to access accounts or enter passwords to download something. You will be able to command your phone to do it.