Items Getting The Voice Recognition Face Lift

Items Getting the Voice Recognition Face Lift

Voice recognition technology is now becoming a standard feature that consumers expect to see in their favorite electronic products. The good news is that a variety of consumer products are receiving or will receive voice recognition face lift.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome will soon come embedded with voice search functionality. Google’s advanced speech-recognition software now only takes 10-milliseconds to split up search words into phonetic notations before they are processed by Google-bots. The result is that users can instantly receive highly accurate search results. Google voice search is very beneficial for those who do more than just random search queries. Google voice search is a convenient option for those who want to access personal data and plans, such as flights, purchases, photos and reservations.

Honda Vehicles

The 2016 Honda Accord will be the first mass-produced car to come with Apple’s CarPlay. This unique infotainment feature is available through a touch screen on the dashboard that connects to the iPhone. CarPlay allows users to use their connected smart phone to control things like audio, navigation and messaging. In fact, the CarPlay app allows the users to call, text and email while driving through verbal commands. In appearance, the Honda’s dashboard touch screen resembles an iPhone home screen. Many consumers have felt frustrated that driving time interrupts smart phone and connectivity time. On the other hand, safety activists have continually pointed out that there is a disturbing correlation between mobile phone usage and car accidents. The CarPlay definitely saves time and offers cutting-edge convenience, but it does still slightly distract the driver.

Amazon Fire TV

Fire TV is Amazon’s current attempt to enter the streaming TV business. The new and improved Fire TV comes with better Wi-Fi support, increased memory and 75 percent more processing power. Amazon Fire TV offers 4K Ultra HD picture quality and high-def 1080p streams of Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Video. However, Amazon’s Fire TV comes with Alexa, a voice control system. Alexa works similar to Apple’s Siri in that users simply press the microphone button and speak. Users can order Alexa to check sports scores or the weather. Amazon has stated that Alexa will soon be able to play TV shows or movies by voice command. An official review notes that Amazon’s Fire TV’s main difference with Apple TV is that it’s cheaper.

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV’s can now be controlled through iPhones. The Samsung Smart View app is a virtual remote control that allows the users to perform all necessary functions. This brings Samsung TV’s up to par with other major manufacturers, but more updates are still needed. This is because critics are still wondering when Samsung will improve their Smart TV voice collection practices. Samsung has taken a lot of heat because their privacy policy openly states that any private conversations spoken near the activated voice command software will be listened to by third-party providers, such as speech to text companies.

Home Security Systems

Schlage is a well-established lock manufacturer. They are now offering advanced Sense Smart Deadbolts, which come with Bluetooth and smart phone functionality. The Schlage Sense iOS app allows the user to issue lock or unlock commands into their phone. This HomeKit-enabled package is accessed through Siri. However, the app requires Apple’s iOS 8 software and a third-generation Apple TV. Older versions of The Sense Smart Deadbolts’ Bluetooth function is compatible with Androids. While critics still voice concerns about digital security, smart deadbolts are a convenient solution for many homeowners.