Find all the dictation and transcription accessories you need for your dictation or transcription equipment. We have a wide selection of barcode readers, digital recorder cases, docking stations, download cables, microphones, and power supplies for the most popular and hard-to-find equipment. If you need help finding the correct accessories, please feel free to call our experts.

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Olympus A-517 AC Power Cable


The Olympus A-517 AC Power Cable is the charging cable for the Olympus CR-15 USB Docking Station.

Olympus BR-403 Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Pack


This rechargeable nickel metal-hydride (Ni-MH) battery pack is designed for use with the Olympus DS-5000, DS-5000iD, DS-4000 and DS-3300.

Olympus CR-10 USB Docking Station


The Olympus CR-10 Docking Cradle is for the DS-5000 or DS-5000iD voice recorders.

Olympus CR-15 USB Docking Station


This is a replacement the CR-15 docking station that is included with the Olympus DS-7000 and DS-3500 digital recorders. It serves several purposes including easy data transfer, battery recharging, and hands free dictation.

Olympus CR-21 USB Docking Station


This cradle/docking station for the Olympus DS‑9500 allows you to transfer your dictations via USB or LAN.

Olympus KP-21 USB Download Cable


The Olympus KP-21 USB Download Cable is is for uploading and downloading the voice files from Olympus DS-5000 and DS-5000iD digital voice recorders.

Olympus KP-30 USB Download Cable


The Olympus KP-30 USB Download Cable is is for uploading and downloading the files from Olympus DS-9500 digital voice recorder.

Philips ACC4000 Docking Station


The stable and innovative docking station for the SpeechMike Premium Air provides wireless high-speed charging and easy pairing.

Philips ACC8120 Docking Station


The Pocket Memo docking station allows you to easily transfer all your dictations to your computer as well as quickly charge your device, so you are always ready to go.

Philips LFH9154 Rechargeable Batteries


Philips LFH9154 Rechargeable Batteries are compatible with Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9375, 9500, 9600 and all SpeechMike Air Models.