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Olympus Dictation App


The Olympus Dictation App for iOS and Android allows users to capture recordings anywhere in the world – and instantly insert them into their office workflows.

Philips LFH0743 SpeechExec iPhone App


The Philips LFH0743 SpeechExec app is designed to fit perfectly into the Philips SpeechExec Enterprise suite. Recording, editing, and sending dictation files from your iPhone offers mobile flexibility and reduces document turnaround times.

Mobile Dictation Apps

Compared to a Digital Voice Recorder, you can get a mobile dictation app for a fraction of the cost. The dictation apps make use of your smartphone’s built-in voice recorder, allowing you to make crystal-clear recordings. There’s no need to purchase expensive Dictation Equipment and find ways to connect it to a computer. Once completed with your recordings, you can immediately transfer them in to your existing workflow. Many apps offer advanced built-in recording tools such as support for custom microphone sensitivity and automatic voice activation. The ability to make use of your current smartphone just by adding a mobile dictation app saves money as well as be completely mobile.