Law Enforcement Reporting Software Tool

Speech Recognition in Law Enforcement

Personnel from rookie deputies all the way to the elites of the law enforcement sector, are quite possibly the most significant members of the communities.

They risk their own lives every day to defend and protect citizens from crime. They are directly responsible for the overall safety as well as security of the people who live in their jurisdiction.

Law Enforcement Reporting

The proper documentation of the different crimes and situations that form their daily routine are crucial. It’s important to note that an officer cannot arrest someone without cause. Therefore, there is a lot of paperwork required to make the arrest legitimate.

All the hours of tedious documentation each shift means that they spend more time sitting. Rather than stopping crime and making the streets a whole lot safer for people.

Report Writing Software Tool

This is where speech-to-text solutions like Philips SpeechLive have become one of the most widely used report writing software tools.

Before the invention and adaptation of this technology, many agencies required staff members and officers to transcribe the files themselves. This meant a further burden for all personnel involved, along with an increased propensity of cost and errors.

Thanks to cutting edge law enforcement technology officers fresh from the scene simply record their reports using just voice, and it automatically transcribes it into a written document.