Saving Money in Health Care

Speech Recognition Saving Money in Health Care

Modern day speech recognition solutions have earned themselves a justifiable place as the ultimate tool in the health care industry. It has also helped with saving money in health care by reducing time spent on paperwork and additional staff.

Furthermore, it has also managed to accrue highly visible financial benefits for the ones that use this technology.

Let us take a closer look at a few of the more common and easily applicable financial advantages of utilizing speech recognition in the health care industry.

Cutting Edge Technology

As cutting edge technology has improved so too have the accuracy rates of using such speech recognition technology in healthcare. There was a time when accuracy meant that a doctor had to type notes or have a transcriptionist do it for them.

Using the transcriptionist often meant that some vitally important data would have ended up being lost in transit. Additionally, this was a slow process.

But that was then, and this is now.

The speech recognition today has become so accurate that doctors are able to capture patient information and transfer it immediately to the EHR.

This entire process effectively wipes out the chain of multiple steps. Not to mention the large number of people who are directly involved in the same. With so many people being removed from the process, costs are decreased, and efficiency is increased.

A Whole New World

It can easily be seen that using speech recognition technology is saving money in health care.

But, quite possibly one of the best things about a speech recognition solution like Dragon Medical One is the fact that it is not really linked to a single device. The solution is cloud based so that the doctor can easily share his profile across multiple devices, regardless of location. So, the hospital does not need to purchase multiple licenses  for its providers.