The Best Speech Recognition Software For Doctors

Speech Recognition Technology & Doctors

Making use of speech recognition software such as Dragon Medical is a great help for doctors and nurses alike. It’s a proven fact that it can increase their efficiency in myriad different ways; ranging from taking notes in real-time all the way to creating virtually error-free transcriptions.

Speech recognition technology and the medical sector have a highly successful symbiotic relationship. There are different ways that this technology is helping doctors become more efficient as it allows them to devote more time to their patients, rather than endlessly making and prescribing notes.

1. The Potential for Rich Content

Speech recognition software has the capability to allow a physician to think out loud. In the long run, this leads to much richer content as well as less cutting and pasting of different notes, treatment options, and medicine lists. Apart from that, it also leads to fewer questions from the support staff and the billing departments.

Finally, it also effectively eliminates the necessity of transcribing all sorts of dictated notes and their associated delays.

2. Ease of Implementation

This technology does not have many entry barriers. In other words, just about anyone can use it safely. It takes ten to fifteen minutes to get comfortable with using this technology.

3. It Can Now Understand Accents Better Than Ever Before!

There was a time when doctors and attendants from non-English speaking backgrounds could not communicate well with speech recognition software. People who had heavy accents were effectively barred from using speech recognition devices because of the high probability of inadvertent transcription errors.

However, that’s not the case anymore. Today, by reading and recording just a few paragraphs, the software learns to understand the speaker’s words perfectly. This way, different types of medical transcription programs can be trained to effectively recognize’ any individual’s unique voice pattern.

4. It Drastically Improves Patient Experience

This is an underrated benefit of using speech recognition software technology, the fact that it greatly assists in improving patient experience. After all, it not only allows the doctors to pay more attention to the patient but, by transcribing the notes in front of him, the physician and his support staff can also show that they are really on the case.