What Is Speech Recognition Technology

What Is Speech Recognition Technology

The speech recognition industry is booming today and continues to grow. Yet, many still might not know exactly what speech recognition is. In order to understand what this technology is and its advantages, we have to understand what it actually is.

What Is Speech Recognition?

Speech recognition is an ability of which a program processes a human speech and converts it into a text format.

This is accomplished through the utilization of hardware systems and specially designed software programs. These programs are used specifically for the purpose of speech recognition and its subsequent translation from speech to text. The technology relies heavily on its users ability to speak. Normally used input devices such as the keyboard for instance, are substituted by a speech recognition microphone.

Healthcare Industry

One industry that heavily relies on speech recognition technology is the healthcare industry. Some industry experts say that it’s the future of healthcare. Implementation of various speech recognition systems is being done for the purpose of streamlining medical reports as far back as the mid-1990’s. However, it did not really work out all that well. The accuracy just wasn’t there which caused resistance from the traditionalists.

Today, we have seen huge advancements in this technology. Dragon Medical is one such solution that has made a tremendous difference in the medical field. Clinicians can seamlessly generate documentation on the go and integrate the data with the help of this technology. Therefore, cutting down the waste of time to a considerable extent.